World Peace Day at Seton Hall University


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By Gabriela Taveras, Seton Hall University Chapter President 

As our first big event of the semester, we knew we wanted to do something memorable. Seeing as social media has become an increasingly useful tool in raising awareness and reflecting the importance of freedom of expression, we thought: what could we do for peace and what represents this word?

We decided to do a social media campaign for World Peace Day, September 21st. This is where the doves came in, and then we said: “hey, why not have people write what peace means to them?” In addition, we set ourselves the goal of filling out all of our remaining “Thank a Peacekeeper” helmets, and we thus set forth to make these ideas a reality! 

First, we ordered a wooden dove outline that we could trace on paper and cut ourselves. With our dove at hand, we used watercolor paper to cut over 40 different doves, on which people wrote what peace meant to them. After this, we took pictures of SHU students with their respective messages, which were then posted on our Facebook page. When we no longer had doves, students were more than happy to show their gratefulness for UN Peacekeepers through UNA-USA’s wonderful “Thank a Peacekeeper” campaign! 

If your chapter is interested in implementing this or a similar idea, you should take into account the following:

  1. Order your materials on time! Wee found that Amazon had a great offering and fantastic prices.
  2. Get at least four people together to help out with the table! Two people can help cutting out the doves and the other two can help pull in interested students, in addition to signing up potential new members for the chapter.
  3. Be dynamic! Do not be afraid to walk up to others and ask them to support your event. We found that most students were more than happy to help out with our campaign. 
  4. Separate 2-3 hours for the event. Time flew very quickly and we all had a blast!
  5. Preferably, set it up somewhere outdoors where there is a lot of traffic! What we did was set up the table in the middle of “The Green,” which is a spot at least 90% of students pass by to get to their dorms or class.  

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