World Food Day: Our Actions Are Our Future.

A #Zerohunger World by 2030 is Possible

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On World Food Day we take action to shine a light on the global struggle against hunger, malnutrition, waste, and poverty. This day is an important opportunity to emphasize that hunger can be ended in our lifetimes, but we must all work together to achieve this goal. To celebrate WFD, we've partnered with 2018 Leadership Summit Keynote & Author, Hilary Corna. Watch this video to see why she feels passionately about getting involved and follow her on Instagram @HilaryCorna.

Here are some staggering facts to consider:

  • Over 821 million (1 in 8) people are suffering from chronic hunger – most of these people are in developing countries. 
  • 1/3 of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year – approx. 1.3 billion tons is lost or wasted. 
  • Hunger kills more people every year than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined 

Here are some unique ways to take action on World Food Day.




  • Watch this video on how to read ingredient labels and share on your Facebook page 
  • Sign up for Instacart to get healthy groceries delivered to your door.
  • Find a community-supported agriculture (CSA) and register to receive local produce weekly 
  • Read this blog on "What it Means to “Eat the Rainbow” and write your own blog or article for your school newspaper on “Why it’s important to eat the colors of the rainbow”
  • Hold a #FreeTheFoodFriday and don’t buy from Vending Machines and donate produce to a local low income elementary school 
  • Donate produce to a local low income elementary school
  • Go vegetarian for a day - eating less meat and dairy reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and water use 



  • Partner with different departments/offices such as School of Nutrition; Health Centers; Dining Halls
  • Put a bag of apples in your car and hand them out to the homeless
  • Learn about how to become a health coach for your career 
  • Hold a Fruit Smoothie Day
  • Show the movie “Two Angry Moms”
  • Encourage a “Lunch In” Day for parents to have lunch with their kids at school and bring a homemade lunch (not fast food)
  • Visit a local low income elementary school to talk about produce and how to eat healthy 

Download the World Food Day toolkit!

By Hilary Corna. 

Hilary Corna is a Toyota Senior Executive turned Bestselling Author, Consultant, and founder of The #DareYourself Movement. Her nephew’s epilepsy diagnosis inspired her curiosity about wellness, and Hilary eventually left a high-stress, high-powered job to heal her own diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and pursue a certification in integrative health coaching. Today, Hilary works with high performing CEOs to create a personalized and effective wellness plan that includes nutrition guidelines, fitness techniques, and self-care practices to lead them toward their goals. Furthermore, she holds talks and workshops on reducing stress and managing anxiety for busy professionals and is working on her second book. Follow her on Instagram @HilaryCorna.

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