Women Deliver Conference: Strategies for Campus Chapters


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Women Deliver Conference: Strategies for Campus Chapters

By: Stephanie Metherall, UNA-USA Youth Engagement Intern

“Engaging girls and women is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.” Dr. Daniela Ligiero, Vice President of Girls and Women Strategy at the United Nations Foundation, spoke to UNA-USA members about the Women Deliver Conference, which was held in Copenhagen in May. The 2016 conference on women and girls was the largest of its kind in the past decade, drawing over 5000 people from 190 countries. The event featured a variety of speakers, including UNF President Kathy Calvin, and drew participants from international private and public sectors, as well as civic individuals.

The conference highlighted human rights issues surrounding gender equality, and emphasized its wider impact on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically those regarding health, education, and poverty. Unlike the Millennial Development Goals, Dr. Ligiero noted, the SDGs focus on engaging the individual and private sector, under the pretense that these goals acknowledge global issues, rather than simply those faced by smaller nations. Indeed, gender inequalities are alive and well in the United States, with campus sexual violence occurring to 1 in 3 college women.

To better achieve these goals, Melinda Gates announced at Women Deliver that the Gates Foundation would donate $80 million to eradicating gender inequality, including a large portion for improving quality and collection of gender data. UNF’s Data2x project focuses on gender data, which is often biased in its collection, not collected, or simply not used.

There are plenty of ways for your chapter to get involved in the UN’s mission for gender equality. Here are just a few:

1) Check out GenUN’s page for more information on girls and women in the US and abroad.

2) Fundraise on your campus to support UN Women, UNFPA, UNICEF, Every Woman Every Child, GirlUp, or FP2020.

3) Host a screening of Girl Rising; contact UNA-USA to find out how to rent a DVD!

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