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    In March, Survivor Packs, a project I designed that involves creating care packages for domestic violence survivors was awarded the National Jefferson Award, noted as the Noble Prize for Public Service. Now I am one of three youth involved in their Lead360 movement, which inspires people of any age to get involved in service, and we are working with the National Jefferson Awards Foundation to get the movement going across the nation. We have the goal of impacting 100,000 survivors between the months of March 2016 to February 2017. We have a big push planned for October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We are working to create a movement of empathy for survivors that will hopefully inspire more people to work towards a future without violence.

    The project is very easy and can be done in relatively minimal steps.

    Step 1: Collect 3 toiletries, a journal, and note of encouragement, and put in box/bag Step 2: Include a positive, empowering message (“You matter” or “I’m thinking of you”) Step 3: Identify domestic violence shelter or related organization, then donate packs Step 4: Share your impact on and on social media, #LEAD360 and #survivorpacks

    More info can be found (as well as deets about all of the cool projects) at

    We would really be interested to see how the AAUW and their chapters in colleges across the nation can help get us closer to our goal of 100,000 survivor packs by February 2017. We really want to make a statement, and I’d to make that with your help. Would love to see how we can work together moving forward.



    Founder and CEO, Kickin’ Violence

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    Numbers count. So should girls.

    Why Count Girls?

    Approximately one person in twelve around the world is a girl or young woman aged 10–24. Yet many developing countries do not account for the number of girls in their population. Due to an unavailability of systems to count these girls, and sometimes simply due to a lack of political will, girls will be denied birth certificates or other forms of official identification.  This means that as a girl grows up it will be difficult, if not impossible, for her to attend school or get a job in the formal business sector. She will not be able to own her own or inherit land, start her own business, or vote. She will likely be confined to the home and left unpaid – an invisible member of society.

    Update: The House of Representatives just voted unanimously to pass the Girls Count Act. The Senate passed the bill at the end of May, which means it now heads to the President’s desk to be signed into law!

    Congress passing the Girls Count Act is a huge step toward helping girls (and boys) everywhere reach their full potential. When a child isn’t registered, they are invisible in the eyes of their government and their society. And girls are disproportionately affected.

    Read the full story here. 

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    Thank Your Members of Congress for Passing the Girls Count Act

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    Take the Pledge to Reduce your Footprint

    Everyone, from world leaders to everyday individuals, can make a difference and help fight climate change. You can adopt some simple behavioral shifts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and curb climate change:

    Live smarter: Reduce waste. Discarded packaging in 2005 in the US alone released 99 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. It would take almost 83 million acres of fir or pine trees more than 1 year to store all that carbon!

    Travel smarter:Walk or bike instead of driving a car. In urban areas, bike paths, footpaths, and public transportation could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-50% by 2050.

    Eat smarter: Don’t trash food. About a third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is trashed – this wasted food has a carbon footprint of about 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year!

    Take the pledge to reduce your footprint and tell your friends!

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    Are you GenUN? Join Today!

    GenUN is a national initiative of UNA-USA to engage and energize young supporters around the work of the United Nations. Through a national network with over 50 university chapters, GenUN facilitates youth engagement, advocacy efforts, education programs, and public events for American youth. UNA-USA’s campus chapters offer students an opportunity to lead and advocate in their communities, while the U.S. Youth Observer program provides a connection to the UN for American youth.

    GenUN represents a new generation of UN advocates and young Americans working toward a bright future. Are you GenUN? Join us today!

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