Why We Care Youth: Emerging Leaders for Reproductive Rights Contest


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YOUR voice matters, we want to hear from young people across America about why they care about reproductive health and rights. Share YOUR voice – and win a trip to NYC for the UN General Assembly!

Why do you care about reproductive health and rights?  Everyone has a different reason – a different story.

Maybe having access, and the ability to use birth control meant you were able to attend college and pursue the career of your dreams.  Maybe a condom ensured you didn’t become a dad before you were ready. Maybe your best friend had a complicated delivery, and the specialty care she received at the hospital saved her life.  Maybe you have a healthy baby, and access to reproductive health care helped you make sure you gave your child everything he or she needs. Maybe your mother inspired you to believe from a young age that every woman has a right to choose whether and when to have children.

Despite progress, we still face significant disparities in reproductive health access in the U.S. and globally in many communities. Over 220 million girls and women in developing countries want to delay or avoid pregnancy but have an unmet need for modern contraception—and have no say in whether, and when, they become pregnant.

The U.S. is the largest donor to family planning programs around the world, and we have the power to improve the health and rights of many more girls and women by continuing to expand access to the contraceptives they want. Unfortunately, U.S. policymakers continue to severely underfund international reproductive health programs. You can help change this by sharing what reproductive health and rights means to you and why all people regardless of where they live should have access to life-saving, and life-changing health care.

Tell us how access to reproductive health information and services, including contraception, has impacted your life and why you think it is important for U.S. policymakers to ensure girls, women and young people around the world to have access to reproductive health care as well.

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