UNEP's Think.Eat.Save Student Challenge


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GET READY! The Think.Eat.Save Student Challenge Starts NOW!

The United Nations Environment Programme is calling on all food waste warriors in high schools and universities around the world to join the Think.Eat.Save Student Challenge to combat food waste. #ThinkEatSave

Food waste is a major global issue with negative environmental, humanitarian and financial implications. Around one-third of all food produced worldwide is wasted in food production and consumption systems. This is equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes of food, which could feed an estimated 870 million people each day.

The Think.Eat.Save challenge encourages students to uncover how much food is wasted in their communities and to take action by launching a team project to eliminate or to raise awareness about food waste. The top projects will receive a cash prize of up to USD $5,000 to further support and implement their ideas.

Your challenge: find out how much food gets wasted in your schools, organize a project and take action to reduce or better yet, eliminate food waste!


Now, think of the many other food items you simply discard. And then multiply these with the number of students in your schools, and the number of schools worldwide.

When you throw away food, you waste not just your money but also the earth’s precious resources.

You can change this. You can raise awareness among students and teachers at your own school. You can inspire a whole new movement by letting your classmates, teachers, friends, and families about this new waste-less way of life.

If you have a science project requirement, why not make it this one? Make it big, engage your friends, take action and tell us the results!

Find Out: How much food is wasted in your cafeterias.

Take Action: By launching a project that will prevent or reduce food waste.

Raise Awareness Among students and teachers to stop wasting food!

Spread the Word On your social media networks.

Your project can win for your team or school a cash prize to further support your initiative. And we will also show the whole world what you’ve done.

Feeling inspired? Register your pledge here!

Not a student? Encourage your class, your children, your siblings, your friends to participate and #ThinkEatSave!


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