UNA-USA Campus Chapter Human Rights Initiative


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UNA-USA Campus Chapter Human Rights Day Project Grants Are Supported by the Newman’s Own Foundation

About the Human Rights Initiative:

This generation of Americans is uniquely equipped to advance international issues through creativity, entrepreneurship, and the unprecedented reach of collegiate networks. Youth play a critical role as stakeholders in international affairs, especially concerning the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and UNA campus chapter leaders are poised to impact human rights globally.

UNA-USA’s 2016 Human Rights Initiative will empower this emerging generation of leaders to work with the UN to advance human rights in their communities and around the world. The initiative is a platform for college students to develop their leadership skills, build the capacity of their chapters, and participate in a national initiative with over 40 other UNA-USA campus chapters. By participating in Human Rights Day and applying for the Human Rights Day grant, your campus chapter can impact human rights through the work of the UN.

About the Grant:

In the lead up to Human Rights Day on December 10, UNA-USA hopes to highlight campus chapter events nationwide. To support the human rights work of campus chapters, UNA-USA will provide micro-grants to groups with innovative project ideas. Funding will range from $100-$1000, depending on the scale and impact of the event. After reviewing the newly launched Human Rights Initiative booklet, which includes issue briefs, impact methods, and project ideas, campus chapters can submit an idea for project funding through the online application below. Think about how your chapter can plan an impactful activity or event that will gain attention on campus.

Human Rights Day is close to time for final exams, so commemorate it earlier or later if it works better for your campus, keeping in mind the grant deadlines and any calendar restrictions at your University. Remember that the administration or other organizations, such as Amnesty International or a campus UNESCO or UNICEF chapter, may be able to help support any events you want to hold. Ask them to join in! Most importantly, make a difference and take action today as a chapter.


  • Grant Application Deadline: September 23rd
  • Chapters Notified of Grant Application Status: September 30th
  • Project Implementation Deadline: December 20th
  • Chapter Project Report Deadline: January 20th 

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  • Reynolds Dean
    commented 2016-09-10 02:52:58 -0400
    BEHOLD hosting an event at S.D.A Church, Mall Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    for the Human Rights Initiatives