UN Day at Bryn Mawr College: Refugee Drive Launch

Bryn Mawr College UNA Co-Presidents: Larissa de Paula ’18 and Mariana García ‘19

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In order to commemorate 71 years of the UN Charter coming into force, the Bryn Mawr & Haverford United Nations Association followed chapters around the world and hosted an event to honor the organization we believe in. Our chapter organized a Launch Party for our successful Collection for Locally Resettled Refugees!

Students on campus personally prepared care packages and wrote notes to the refugee children that will be received by our local partner, Nationality Services Center. It was a great evening with pizza and great company!

In addition, we were lucky that Bryn Mawr parents weekend happened right before UN Day! Many parents have donated winter coats, children's toys, pots and pans, and furniture already!

UNA club member: Daniella Lopez ’19

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