UN Day at City College

On October 24, 2013 many students and faculty at the City College of New York (CCNY) made their way to the first UN Day event on our campus. CCNY UN Advocates planned the day to represent and showcase the rich history and variety of work at the UN. The tables ranged from guessing games featuring country flags, UN Agencies, and UN initiatives. In addition, we featured a UN history timeline highlighting vital days dated back to 1945, when the UN was first established.

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Other tables showcased youth initiatives such as Model UN and the CCNY UNDPI Youth representatives. In addition two tables highlighted the work of the UN in regards to persons with disabilities and UN Women initiatives. The Roosevelt Institute at CCNY also showcased the work of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and the critical role she played throughout UN history.

Over 75 students and faculty from different departments and majors attended the event.

Over 75 students and faculty from different departments and majors attended the event. As they entered they were asked to donate to Trick or Treat for UNICEF and sign a thank you card for our hardworking UN peacekeepers. In addition, they were asked to sign our Partnership for Global Progress poster and to list a crucial element that our global community needs in order to enhance partnerships for global progress. By the end of the day, the poster board was filled with words and phrases such as peace, cooperation, tolerance, diversity, communication, equality, and many more.

During the entire event we showcased various videos of UN global initiatives on a projector. The videos portrayed the importance of the Millennium Development Goals and other fundamental aspects of the UN’s work.

As CCNY UN Advocates, our aim was to educate our campus community about the history, work, and global initiatives of the UN. Our UN Campus Advocates chapter was thrilled with the turnout and we look forward to hosting our second annual UN Day at CCNY.

Reem Aliessa, City College of New York Campus Chapter

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