The Global Goals: Getting Started Together


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The 17 Global Goals can seem a little overwhelming. So, what do you really need to know? 

These goals were created by a working group of over 100 countries that listened to consultation sessions including 8,429,844 individual voices sharing what they want in the world. Over 70,000 were from the U.S. ( Because of the many stakeholders that contributed to their development, they touch everyone. These goals weren't designed to help one group of people. They were crafted and tweaked and revised and revised again. They are based on the premise that it will take partnerships between people, and governments, and companies, and philanthropy to make it work. I really love Hugh Evans’s summary: "This is a shared vision for People and the Planet for the future."

And yes, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Over that past two days I have listened to amazing speakers share heartfelt messages about vital issues like refugees, education, climate change, the dark and bright side of technology, family planning, the responsibility of advocacy, and more—here it's easy to find something more.  

There is something for everyone. What resonated with me most were those who said "I'm about Goal 4," or "Goal 16 is a foundation for Goal 5," or “Goal 13 has to happen for the rest of the goals to even exist.” Did you just peek back at the list? I hope so - I know I am. Look through the goals - what speaks to you? Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing stories as I process the experience of the Social Good Summit. When something touches you, take time to learn more and figure out your part. 

That's how we start. Sharing the message, spreading the spark, finding likeminded friends, building new partnerships, and doing our part. TOGETHER we begin. And together we can do this.

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