Thank UN Peacekeepers

Join us in thanking the more than 113,000 brave men and women from 116 countries who serve as United Nations peacekeepers in 15 missions around the world.

UN peacekeepers risk their lives every day to rebuild societies wracked by violence and natural disasters, restore confidence in people who have known little but war, and adapt to new challenges in some of the most difficult places in the world.

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  • signed 2016-06-09 06:41:51 -0400
    Some countries sell arms to Islamic State and other terrorist groups, it will be stopped at first for ensuring peace.
  • signed 2016-06-08 12:41:34 -0400
    Dear UN Peacekeeper,

    Thank you for your bravery and activism on behalf of so many peoples of the world. Thank you for bringing hope, to so many who so often feel hopeless and thank you for helping to rebuild the lives of so many of the world’s citizens. The work you do is very much appreciated by humanity.
  • signed 2016-06-03 08:05:50 -0400
  • signed 2016-06-01 13:45:57 -0400
    Thank You UN Peacekeepers for risking your lives for risking your lives to help others i need in times of natural disaster, trouble, and in unstable society. You guys are true heroes. We need more people like you!

    -Alan Domkam
  • signed 2016-05-31 20:00:21 -0400
    Thank you for all the hard work you do for others! Little by little, this world will be great for everyone, no matter what our background is.

    With much love and respect,

  • signed 2016-05-31 12:21:36 -0400
    Thank you so much for all that you do to promote peace in our world. Your sacrifice is incredible!

    Take care,

  • signed 2016-05-30 17:38:31 -0400
    Keep up the good work thank you for all you do
  • signed via 2016-05-28 17:49:12 -0400
  • signed 2016-05-27 15:51:06 -0400
  • signed 2016-05-26 06:55:22 -0400
    Dear UN peacekeeper,

    I strongly believe that your work is commendable as you are risking your own lives for other people who you do not even know. This requires great courage and bravery!

    Keep it up!

    Thanks and Regards,

    Muazam Tahir
  • signed 2016-05-24 20:29:20 -0400
  • signed 2016-05-20 12:56:46 -0400
  • signed 2016-05-20 10:53:48 -0400
    Thank you for all you do!
  • signed 2016-05-16 15:38:43 -0400
  • signed 2016-05-16 01:33:46 -0400

    The World’s Peacekeeping can not existed without your all supports and thank you very much indeed for your great contributions.

    Wishing you all the best and the World’s Peace forever.

    Kindset Regards,

    James Chang

    NGO, NPO

  • signed 2016-05-09 13:40:25 -0400
    You are doing most important , intricate work with utmost delicacy, in most unsafe environments. We understand this work requires someone to have special strong heart and will power. You are diamonds of earth. Stay strong and keep shining.
  • signed 2016-05-09 00:00:17 -0400
    Thank you for your dedication and contributions toward helping other nation-states with protecting some of the most vulnerable populations in the world. The work you do makes a difference in helping rebuild, has a direct correlation with public health and improves security in areas that have been faced with many challenges prior to your arrival. You give hope to so many and drive change!
  • signed 2016-05-03 11:26:27 -0400
  • signed 2016-05-02 22:18:36 -0400
    Thank you for the sacrifices you make!
  • signed 2016-05-02 03:14:13 -0400
    Thank You for making the world peaceful
  • signed 2016-05-01 08:23:34 -0400
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  • signed 2016-04-28 12:51:10 -0400
    Thank you for absolutely everything you do. Your bravery is astounding.
  • signed 2016-04-28 07:16:34 -0400
    Truly, only an agreeable term can we reach peace….. Thank you Peace Keepers Troops
  • signed 2016-04-18 23:57:15 -0400
    Thank you for your courage and passion. Your bravery serves the world, your purpose serves life, thank you for making a change. I love you
  • signed 2016-04-18 15:54:21 -0400
    Thank you for everything you’ve done for the world. Without you, I may not be able to grow up peacefully.

    Thank you!
  • signed 2016-04-15 16:43:29 -0400
    Thank you so much for your service and dedication to the cause of global peace. You’re an inspiration to me, and millions of globally minded people. Please know that whether your service is sung aloud or closely guarded as memories in the hearts of those that have met you, your service does not go unnoticed and your deeds do not go unrewarded. Peace begets peace, and service inspires service. Thank you, for everythign.
  • signed 2016-04-14 06:32:04 -0400
    Thank you UN peacekeepers for helping to make the world a better place to live in.

    Your efforts sometimes go unseen but today I would like to extend my warm regards to those brave people out there who give a hand to those who have fallen and love to those uncared.
  • signed 2016-04-14 05:41:56 -0400
    I commend the peace keepers for their bravery and willingness to serve humanity which is the greatest gift one can think of in our society.

    Sacrifice is needed to put one’s life to risk.

    I appreciate them.
  • signed 2016-04-13 14:21:17 -0400
  • signed 2016-04-08 21:51:00 -0400
    Yes you can add to post card as peace maker, peace keeper and peace follower are required to this world along with sustainable development, by promoting , educating, executing and bringing the research out comes by establishing the same through the policies.