Thank UN Peacekeepers

Join us in thanking the more than 113,000 brave men and women from 116 countries who serve as United Nations peacekeepers in 15 missions around the world.

UN peacekeepers risk their lives every day to rebuild societies wracked by violence and natural disasters, restore confidence in people who have known little but war, and adapt to new challenges in some of the most difficult places in the world.

Add your name – and a note if you'd like – to the thank you card below, and we'll deliver it to UN peacekeepers worldwide.

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  • signed via 2014-09-22 19:11:06 -0400
    You are our heroes! Keep on the good job!
  • signed 2014-09-22 18:55:20 -0400
    Thank you for the work you do in all different areas of the globe. The world would truly be worse off if not for you!
  • signed 2014-09-22 11:51:23 -0400
    its a good thing.
  • signed 2014-09-22 11:15:34 -0400
    Good Job Peacekeeper Proud of you from europe
  • signed 2014-09-22 07:11:20 -0400
    “Blessed Are The Peacemakers…”
  • signed 2014-09-21 16:19:57 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-19 16:11:36 -0400
    It is people like you who gives the world hope,making it a better place. I want you to remember the work you do will never go unrecognized. Thank you so much!
  • signed 2014-09-19 15:39:49 -0400
    Thank you so much for all you do! It makes a world of difference, and a world that’s more peaceful! THANK YOU! :)
  • signed 2014-09-19 11:44:54 -0400
    Words are powerless to express my gratitude. Many would not take a risk and go out everyday to help those who are in need. It is people like you who help rebuild beautiful communities around the world, with out you who knows how the world would be today. The smallest things done are noticed by those all around. i want to thank you, for all the things you have done. Please continue to spread this wonderful kind of help around the world. I would love to say all this in person, but it is not possible at the moment. Be safe and well.
  • signed 2014-09-18 17:32:45 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-18 14:30:11 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-18 14:08:34 -0400
    You guys are brave heroes
  • signed 2014-09-18 07:42:20 -0400
    It takes heart to give in your life for the sake of others. It is unique and uncommon in people today. If there those few in the world today, they need to be greatly honored. I respect you peace keepers. Thank you so much for that selfless act. May God Bless you. Elly Kasirye
  • signed 2014-09-18 01:00:52 -0400
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  • signed 2014-09-17 23:26:14 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-17 22:41:56 -0400
    Thanks to UNPeace Keepers who work against violence and natural disasters.Keepup Good Works.Greetings and Best Regards.
  • signed 2014-09-17 22:33:27 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-17 20:12:49 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-17 19:35:03 -0400
    Thank you so much for what you do. You make such a difference in the world and we are all grateful for your service. I aspire to be a Peacekeeper one day as well.
  • signed 2014-09-17 16:32:43 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-17 16:10:18 -0400
  • signed 2014-09-17 15:07:29 -0400
    Thank you! :-)
  • signed 2014-09-17 14:52:26 -0400
    Peace is a great way to organize stimulates & Society!
  • signed 2014-09-17 11:47:16 -0400
    War is not solution for aggression,but diplomatic solution made permanant peace.
  • signed 2014-09-17 09:52:44 -0400
    Well done!
  • signed 2014-09-16 11:23:39 -0400
    Restoration of confidence to those that know little but war is the restoration of human dignity
  • signed 2014-09-16 00:49:35 -0400
    Thank you! Peace rocks! ;)
  • signed 2014-09-15 22:46:38 -0400
    For your commitment to peace and hummanitarian aid, thank you from the bottom of my heart! My passion lies began through Model UN in high school and continues on today into the world of international development! Your actions truely inspire me!
  • signed 2014-09-15 17:51:15 -0400
    May God richly bless you guys for the good work in making the world a better place to live in.
  • signed via 2014-09-13 04:24:58 -0400
    I am also feeling proud to join 15th GCIMUN Conference with my son Master Arnab Chakraborty.