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One of my main roles as the US Youth Observer is to capture young American’s voices and bring them to table at the United Nations. In an effort to most accurately represent your voices, I have collaborated with the GenUN fellows to create a survey that is aimed at determining the following:

1) The issues that most matter to you. We have delineated them into five major categories:

  • Poverty – Including the unequal access to quality education and decent jobs
  • Social Justice – Including refugee issues and inequalities based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • The Environment – Including endangered species, climate change, and unequal access to clean energy and water
  • Technology – Including lack of access to the Internet, computers, or other innovations.
  • Health – Including a lack of access to quality healthcare and medicine.

2) Awareness and sentiment toward the Global Goals. For those of you who are aware of the global goals, we are interested in gauging your confidence in their actualization.

3) Barriers to youth involvement. We’re seeking to understand the obstacles you’re facing when getting involved in the issues you’re passionate about.

With this information, not only will I be able to more accurately represent your voices, but I will also help get you the resources you need to get involved in the issues that matter to you. There’s only one caveat to this -- We need as many young people as possible to take this survey. The more young people take this survey, the more weight our voices will have at the UN and among policy makers. Put simply, the more responses we get, the more we can make a real difference. So please, take this survey and share it with your friends! Let’s have our voices heard!

Take the survey here by September 23.


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