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The Heroes Collective is a virtual hub of good doers dedicated to contributing their skills and resources to help improve their communities’ one project at a time. By taking on small manageable tasks, created is accumulation of charitable effort.
My sister is a member of the UNA YP in New York City and she thought this was the best place to meet like minded individuals (AKA Members of the Justice Leagues).

  • signed Thank UN Peacekeepers 2014-12-02 14:03:11 -0500
    Thank you, to all those who have invested part of their lives to help the fellow man in need. While many here in the states do their part to help their own communities, including myself with The Heroes Collective, it truly does not compare to those across the globe that risk their lives for the better good of humanity. Thank you for having such a big heart full of courage and love. You are truly heroes!

    Thank UN Peacekeepers

    Join us in thanking the more than 113,000 brave men and women from 116 countries who serve as United Nations peacekeepers in 15 missions around the world.

    UN peacekeepers risk their lives every day to rebuild societies wracked by violence and natural disasters, restore confidence in people who have known little but war, and adapt to new challenges in some of the most difficult places in the world.

    Add your name – and a note if you'd like – to the thank you card below, and we'll deliver it to UN peacekeepers worldwide.

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  • signed Take Action to Support Vaccine Funding 2014-10-24 10:05:26 -0400

    Take Action to Support Vaccine Funding

    We need YOU to take action to support global vaccine funding!

    Times are tough for many Americans — and Congress must fund programs that are proven to be effective and will save lives. That’s why we need your help to tell Congress that vaccinating children around the world is a priority. Global health and immunization programs save lives and help protect us here at home — and vaccinating children in developing countries is one of the best investments we can make. We need your help to get this message out.

    Over the next few months, Congress will decide how much U.S. funding goes to critical foreign aid programs, like global health and vaccines. During this process, it is critical that you let your member of Congress know that you do not want any cuts made to global health funding or funding for global vaccines.

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    Tell your representatives in Washington that they must make it a priority that children in developing countries receive life-saving immunizations.

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    GenUN is a national initiative of UNA-USA to engage and energize young supporters around the work of the United Nations. Through a national network with over 50 university chapters, GenUN facilitates youth engagement, advocacy efforts, education programs, and public events for American youth. UNA-USA’s campus chapters offer students an opportunity to lead and advocate in their communities, while the U.S. Youth Observer program provides a connection to the UN for American youth.

    GenUN represents a new generation of UN advocates and young Americans working toward a bright future. Are you GenUN? Join us today!

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