How to prevent the moving scams

People keep moving several times a year, rich, poor, stupid become victim to moving scams. It is already not anxious to pack up all your worldly items and hire unknown people to cart them from first place to the next. However you don’t need to be scared simply be aware. So check out the moving scams and suggest for avoiding them.

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A mover loads your items in a truck, drive to your location and demand more money immediately before unlocking the vehicle or unloading your belongings. This specific scam is very common and occurs at every place. There are companies that hold items as hostage to get more money. To prevent such scams by a moving company there are several things you can do. Get all fees in writing and upfront. You can sit in the driver’s seat, by trying a hybrid move that is a part of DIY and part complete service.

Choose local movers to load and unload a rental truck. Drive your truck so your items remain in your control. Additionally to circumvent the items as hostage scam, choose a hybrid move to save your money.

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The large and interstate movers apply cost depending on the weight. An unknown company charges its customers very low advance price depending on the weigh estimate. The loss happens when the movers load and drive the items to the destination by themselves. They report back with a lot heavier weight and demand the higher price to be paid soon. Fortunately you have the right to be present at a reweigh. So no need to pay until you check the weight  yourself.

There is another weight scam. Movers show up with weight ticket of the empty truck referring a gas tank travelling on fumes and with just one mover inside. After the delivery, the movers weigh the truck again, this time around with a full tank of gas and the full crew on the truck.

With additional weight from items from another task or packing items might be added to the vehicle. The movers will then choose to trick the customer into paying for a larger weight than the actual job. In such case, you should not get a weight based quote.

The scammers become brokers and quote and book very cheap on the phone or online and ask for deposit upfront. The move implodes when that company comes out and unaware of the scammer’s quote price or upfront fee. So the movers ask for more price than you confirmed on the quote. When a customer complains, the broker cannot be reached or unable to help you, saying the movers are only responsible for the move.

In order to prevent such scams you should hire the registered movers who have proven histories and happy customers. Make sure you choose movers with insurance. If you cannot receive an insurance, it means the movers are not eligible to move your belongings.

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