Partnering with Outside Organizations

Campus Chapter Partnerships

Presented by: United Nations Association - United States of America

Events can be the lifeblood of a successful organization.  They help you build awareness and membership, and ultimately give your chapter a louder voice in your community.  However, hosting events can become challenging endeavors. To provide a better experience for attendees and to improve your on-campus relationships, we highly suggest building partnerships with other like-minded organizations

Why Partner?

Any event can be made better through teamwork and collaboration. Working alongside amenable clubs or other community organizations who are sympathetic to our cause allows us to cast a wider net and build lasting relationships. Ultimately this will allow us to:

  • Increase Membership
  • Raise Awareness
  • Split Costs & Share Materials
  • Reach a Wider Audience

Types of Groups to Partner With

Discovering mutual causes to rally around will help you find an ideal partnership for an event or campaign. Depending on your audience, you may want to consider extending invitations to one of the following categories of organizations:

  • Service/Social Action (e.g. Amnesty International, Circle K, UNICEF)
  • Academic (e.g. International Relations Council, Honors Societies
  • Cultural/International (e.g. African & Latino Alliance of Students)
  • UNA Community Chapters
  • Private Sector / Small-Businesses

The UN touches a breadth of issues related to health, security, science, politics, and more. The sky is the limit for collaboration! Here are the top 5 tips to help you form and maintain partnerships with outside organizations.

  • Help organizations realize the purchasing power of young people.
    • Whether it may be in your own personal workplace, or through a business that you may partner with, do not underestimate your influence. Supporting young people is not only core to the Sustainable Development Goals, but is also core to achieving organizational goals in this fast-changing world.
  • Engage with organizations on social media.
    • If an organization is promoting sustainability in your community, recognize them! Social media is the primary platform for recognition and marketing. By helping to market an outside organization via the web, they will continue promote sustainability and influence other organizations to do the same.
  • Utilize presentation opportunities.
    • Invite local organizations to your next campus event/meeting, and give them the opportunity to speak on behalf of their organization. Have them explain how they are helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and how they can potentially work with young people on future community projects.
  • Invite organizations to be a chapter sponsor.
    • Not only will this opportunity help facilitate a stronger partnership with your prospective organization, but it will give them a chance to promote their sustainable agenda with the public. In addition, these organizations can help provide your campus chapter with essential resources.
  • Maintain a strong relationship.
    • Always follow up with the organization and update them on what your chapter is doing. Give them the opportunity to see that you are interested in working with them on a long term level. In addition, take the time and effort to publicly thank them for the support they give to your campus chapter.

There are thousands of organizations, both small and large, across the United States, many of which are still awaiting an invitation to collaborate and work towards a sustainable future. Take this opportunity to outreach, and form these potential corporate partnerships in your own community today!