Organize a Digital Rally

There is no doubting the power of social media in today’s society. By utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other digital platforms, students can contact, inform, and mobilize groups of advocates to create a digital surge – or “trend” – for a campaign. Once your campaign is launched and online attention has been generated, new supporters and advocates may contact you for more information on what they can do to help. You should actively cultivate contact information as well, in order to contact potential members. Check out this blog post on how to keep up your social media pages on a day to day basis.


Earlier this year, the administration proposed a federal budget that included measures to gut U.S. support for the United Nations, endangering millions of lives, our climate, gender equality, and other important priorities for Americans. In response, UNA-USA launched the #USAforUN campaign, asking members to sign a petition urging Congress to support full U.S. funding to the UN. The campaign garnered over 1,000 responses. Check out the results here.

 Do it Yourself:

  1. While planning your rally, consider using phrases or slogans that are easy to remember – something that both captures attention and explains its purpose.
  2. Schedule the rally for a day and time at which many students are likely to be online (i.e., evening as opposed to early morning).
  3. Publicize your digital rally at least a week in advance of your scheduled event date. You can do this in-person by handing out flyers and posting them to billboards, or online by sharing the event on your Facebook page or Twitter profile. Provide hashtags and links appropriately, and consider creating an event page.
  4. Recruit local organizations and student groups that could assist you in getting the word out. Since the rally is digital, you will not be confined to your specific location; your campaign can be nationwide, if not global.
  5. Consider documenting your event by taking photos of students holding posters or other materials relating to your campaign. You can post these to social media to create an even larger boost in popularity.
  6. Create digital materials that will make it easier for people to post in support of your campaign. Draft tweets, make posts formatted for Instagram, create photos for Facebook profile pictures. People will be more likely to support your rally if you hand them the materials that they need.

UNA accounts:

UNA regularly posts about current events with images and hashtags that might be good material for a digital rally. Be sure to stay up to date by following our social media accounts!

Facebook: United Nations Association of the United States of America

Twitter: @UNAUSA

Instagram: @una.usa

Media Contact: Sarah Hopkins -

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