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I always tell people that since the day i was born on 7th February 1982= 07,02,1982/February 7th 1982 = 02,07,1982, i was the owner Mariakani sloughter house and thats why i was named Nayif ( knife ). I am a philanthropic Aquarius Jinius air s

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    Peace & Justice is the only movement that we honour

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    I have shared this a few hours ago in my Facebook account @nayifsalim so that i can help in supporting UNITED NATIONS to get enough funds within the three weeks which are remaining and i believe i have provided the best idea that will help UNITED NATIONS to get 100× more funds than they expected bcz if each and every Telecommunication company in each and every country in this world will support UNITED NATIONS by donating ONE minute in every HOUR as there donation then that means in a day they will donate 24 minutes , just imagine how many people in this world are using mobile phone , laptops and etc So in ONE minute how much funds will it be created if ONE BILLION people in this world are using Telecommunications then multiple it by 24 because in a day we have 24hours then that means UNITED NATIONS will have 24 minutes in a day , So in the three weeks time UNITED NATIONS will have 21days , So 21day × 24 minutes =504 minutes , So for example 1 BILLON people in this world each one will use ONE DOLLAR in Telecommunications then that means in 504 minutes UNITED NATIONS will get FUNDS OF 504 BILLON DOLLARS .
    UNITED NATIONS should follow my idea and they will PROSPER .

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    Climate change it’s everyone’s responsibility because we all live on one planet and that is planet Earth.

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    Am very happy to receive your mail and its my duty to make sure what has been said has been done and i will make sure that in east and Central African countries we shall successfully managed to implement a cording to what is required to be done because i have people in all these areas.
    The fast step is to open an office in Kenya and i should get support by sending a few members from America to came and join me here in Kenya so that we can start to recruit peacekeepers and to identify the main areas were we can put up investment of different types of industries and also to look for more share holders whom we can support them to make there investments more successful because it will be the main doors of creating job opportunities to our people across East and Central African countries.
    I believe the more job opportunities are being made to our people it’s main reduction of the HIV/Aids , Malaria and TB because the main factor of these sickness is idolatry and poverty because so many people who are affected by HIV/AIDS and TB is by doing prostitution, sharing equipments and they don’t have a proper place to live because they don’t have money for there daily bread .
    To fight these problems is to create job opportunities to our people. Thank you

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    I decided to volunteer in helping and supporting each and everything that will make this world a better place and i brought religious leaders, Cultural leaders , Women leaders, Youth leaders together in preaching peace and to let them understand that it doesn’t matter who you’re what matters is what you deliver and to make this world a better place we should respect our girls and to give them support equally to what were giving to our boys in each and every aspect in there lives, we should set aside and forget about the behaviours of our cultures that kills the brighter future of our girls because women can also be good leaders and the best example is there— THE BEST LEADER IN THIS WORLD IS A WOMAN and that is THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND and that’s why i always tell people if you what to have WISDOM go to ENGLAND .
    I wish to tell each and every one of us that the future President of United States of America will be a woman and that is Hillary Clinton and i believe she will prove to the world that women can deliver more than other men because were all one thing.
    I have shared a lot of pictures ideas in Google+ under #action2015 and what i always wanted is to see justice being done to each one of us it doesn’t matter your a man or woman because we all feel pain and we all need to prosper in our lives. Thank you.

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    I am a philanthropic Aquarius air sign born 07/02/1982 my numerology number is 11, am a founder of a peace foundation called Nasp foundation( Nayif Awadh Salim Peace foundation) i am a business man i managed my own sloughter house called Mariakani sloughter house, i learned in Thompson university through correspondence but i didn’t manage to complete my studies .i believe am a triple threat Jinius like President Barack Obama and am a father of two children a boy and a girl and i have one wife, i always believe i have Wisdom. I always wish to become an American citizen.

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    It’s a long time since i communicate with my fellow peacekeepers but i believe your following me in Google+ @awadhnayif under #action2015 and i have been sharing so many ideas and strategies of how to make this world a better place.

    It’s my pleasure to say thank you to MONIKA JOHNSON for giving me opportunity to share all my thoughts of how to make this world a better place under #action2015 .


    I AM #ACTION2015


    WISDOM is found from PEACEKEEPERS.

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    I am a Global Citizen & am saying thank you to all PeaceKeepers across the world & am a member of United Nation Association of United States of America/United Kingdom /Geneva Peace Platform , GenUN & Action2015 & etc I did my part in helping this world through different types of good things in helping the United Nation to reach it’s goal of making this world a better place & My special message to the United Nations Secretary General & to the world leaders is what about me , do i really have a happy life , do i really get the support from United Nation ? Let me get the right answer & am in Kenya .


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