Let The 2017 March Membership Madness Begin!


Will campuses like Michigan State and the University of Central Florida rise to the top again? Who will be the Cinderellas, the Sleepers, the Bracket-Busters? Who will be the greatest of the South? The Midwest? The Northeast? The West? 

At this point, it's anyone's game.

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Each year, GenUN holds its own March Madness. Sixty-four campus chapters across the United States compete to increase membership and awareness of GenUN on their campus. Use your campus chapter social media accounts to (1) share what your chapter is doing and (2) mobilize students on your campus to get involved with GenUN. With every post, tweet, or tag, make sure to use the hashtag #GenUN so your actions can be counted toward achieving the bronze, silver, and gold titles! These posts will be tallied throughout March and the winners will be announced April 3.

See the March Membership Madness activation ideas below, or come up with your own. The top three chapters will be eligible for special recognition at the UNA Leadership Summit and spring prize packages. 

Prizes among all chapters: (you could have a chance at winning one of these!)


  • 3 FREE registrations to the UNA-USA 2017 Leadership Summit
  • A pizza party to host on campus!
  • Chapter Spotlight on the GenUN website
  • GenUN swag bag


  • 1 FREE registration for the UNA-USA 2017 Leadership Summit
  • “Thank a Peacekeeper” tabling materials
  • Chapter Spotlight on the GenUN website
  • GenUN swag bag


  • GenUN swag bag

March Membership Madness Activations:

  1. Change your Facebook/Twitter cover photo to the GenUN logo. Download them here!
  2. Are all of your members signed up for the GenUN email list? Tell them to create their account here:www.genun.unausa.org/join
  3. Tell us your GenUN story. Why are you passionate about GenUN? or How did you get involved? Tell us your story (3-5 sentences) + a GenUN-related/fun photo of you.
  4. Tweet and post how many members you plan to recruit to your chapter for this month.
  5. Have you submitted your Fall 2016 semester report yet? If so, tweet or post about it!
  6. Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8thand tell us what your chapter is doing.
  7. Post a “Flashback Friday” on a successful chapter event this semester or about Member’s Day using the hashtags: #FlashbackFriday along with #MembershipMadness
  8. Share on your social media about what your chapter is doing for the month of March.
  9. Retweet a post about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals @SustDev.
  10. Take a photo with at least 3 members from your chapter doing something silly.
  11. Take action to support vaccine funding athttp://genun.unausa.org/global_health.
  12. Take a photo with your officer team and tell us how this leadership position has helped you.
  13. Share on your social media on how your chapter has grown in the past year.
  14. Tweet about a Sustainable Development Goal and what your chapter is doing to spread awareness.
  15. At your next chapter meeting, invite a speaker to talk on issues such as LGBT, climate, or the refugee crisis. Don’t forget to take pictures!
  16. Give a shout-out to new members who joined in the month of March.
  17. Who’s your #ManCrushMonday or #MCM?António Guterres?  Kofi Annan? Tell us what impact they have or had on the UN.
  18. Take the pledge to reduce your footprint athttp://genun.unausa.org/energy_and_climate
  19. Have a social or movie screening for members. Don’t forget to take pictures!
  20. Tweet or Facebook tag your congressman on the importance of their support to the UN.
  21. Share why it is important for youth to be involved with UN issues.
  22. Thank a UN Peacekeeper athttp://genun.unausa.org/peace_and_security.
  23. Still haven’t submitted your semester report yet? If not, make sure to get it in and tweet or post about it!
  24. Who’s your #WomenCrushWednesday or #WCW? Helen Clark? Malala Yousafzai? Tell us the impact of women and what the UN is doing to empower them on a domestic and global scale.
  25. Has your campus done (or plan to) anything related to the refugee crisis? If so, share with us your campus event story.
  26. Share your #TransformationTuesday photo (a picture of you now next to a picture of when you first joined GenUN) and caption how GenUN has helped you to become a more global thinker.
  27. Were you involved in Model UN at one point in time? If yes, get ready to feel nostalgic! Post about your favorite memory during that time with the hashtag #IamModelUN
  28. Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria. For a family in Africa, a net can mean the difference between life and death. Send a net to protect a family and save a life for just $10. You can do it as a chapter or individual. Use the hashtag #NothingButNets along with #MembershipMadness
  29. Share your favorite memory of your time in UNA-USA.
  30. Are you coming to the Annual Meeting? If so, what are you most excited about?
  31. Still haven’t submitted your semester report yet? If not, make sure to get it in and tweet or post about it!

Along with UNA-USA National Prizes, you can incentivize your members to participate with prizes of your own! Here are some ideas for recognition:

  • Most active member on Facebook
  • Most active member on Twitter
  • Member who is in the most photos posted online with the #MembershipMadness hashtag.
  • Member who has the most posts accumulated throughout the month of March.
  • Member who has the most “likes” on posts accumulated throughout the month of March.
  • Anything else you decide is worth a prize or shout-out! 

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