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    Alexey PAVLOV

    H.E. Ban Ki-Moon
    United Nations
    New York, NY 10017

    Dear Mr. Secretary General, Dear Partners and Friends!
    I suggest you to begin independent control of activity and quality of work of representatives of the SPECIAL SERVICES in Russia and the CIS.

    The PIONEER charity fund is ready assistance in monitoring and quality and control of programs of realized UN AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, together with you to develop and hold other events and programs which will positively influence World level of your and our global partners.

    Joint development and advance of ecological tourism in especially protected natural territories first of all on Lake Baikal and peninsulas of Crimea by means of the PIONEER charity fund and our partners IN ANY REGIONS in the Russian Federation.

    Whenever possible you’re personal interested participation and representatives your global partners in development and carrying out actions are desirable.



    PIONEER charity foundation these are 15 years of the modern, timely, advanced decisions in questions of public, legal, political and other character. We are always open for new offers, cooperation and global partnership.

    Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation the certificate No. 2495 of November 17, 1999.

    Sincerely yours, President of
    PIONEER Charity foundation Alexey Gennadevich PAVLOV


    The perspective project and the offer are in the attached file.

    Russian Federation, 690090, Vladivostok, p.o. box 90-360. +79242656383;
    Web site:
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    Addressed UN Peacekeeping mission at SocialGoodSummit2014 ,supporting UN vital work & tackle global challenges for global peace & security .
    Ref- UN DAY is 24th October &
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    Interfaith solutions on peace and unity All the Christians,Jewish,Muslims and Hindus are requested to see the following verses

    Bible,Quran and Kalki Avatar.
    Our Prophet Jesus will coming soon in accordance with the following verses of Bible and
    Quran.John 14:18 similar to Quran verse 43:61 and 64
    Revelation 61:2,12:6 and 13:127
    Matthew 24:6
    Daniel 9:21 to 27 and 7:25
    Exodus 23:12
    Genesis 29:27
    Leviticus 25:2
    Quran verses 7:137 and 7:167,17:4 to 8 similar to Zechariah 14:2
    Quran verses 3:55,5:33,5:49,5:8,22:40,57:27 and 28,and 61:6 are in favor of Christians
    Most of the Christians,Jewish,Muslims and Hindus are not well known each of their religious faith.All the Priests,Monks,Imams and also Saints are not properly informing very important religious issues to their community people.In the options of the same people in the World are fighting with each others and the World is not attain peace and unity among all the communities.
    Some muslims are creating trouble against their own communities and Governments which are banned in the Quranic verses 5:8,33,49,45:14 which are the verses are not informed to the people of muslims by imams in the world.
    We are taking full steps to attain peace and unity in the world in accordance with Quran verses 4:83 as follows When there comes to them some matter touching (public) safety or fear, they make it known (among the people), if only they had referred it to the Messenger or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have understood it from them (directly). Had it not been for the Grace and Mercy of Allah upon you, you would have followed Shaitan (Satan), save a few of you.And accordingly ,we have sent a proposal to United Nations,Governments of USA and UK for taking immediate steps to bring peace in the world like Syria,Libiya,Iraq,Palastine,Pakistan and Isreal etc
    The Christians and Jewish are doing valuable scientific discoveries in the world and they are suffering due to attack by muslim terrorist which is against Quran verse 22:40 as follows Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly only because they said: “Our Lord is Allah.” – For had it not been that Allah checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the Name of Allah is mentioned much would surely have been pulled down. Verily, Allah will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allah is All-Strong, All-Mighty.
    Please see Deuteronomy 28:1 to 13 and also Psalms 27:4 and 63:1 are revealed that God is
    separate.Chapter Genesis 1:1 to 7 which are also revealed that God created heaven and
    earth which was took place ,before Jesus was Born.It is not known how Christians are
    called Jesus as God.Chapter Joshua 1:8 it is also revealed that God is separate Jesus is
    also separate.
    It is also revealed from the Chapter Deuteronomy 28:20 to 24 and 39 God is not allowed
    drinking of wine or gather the grapes and also destroyed population through diseases which
    is also mentioned in the Quran verses 17:16 and 28:59.
    It is requested to everyone of Christians brothers/sisters may be clarified that how Jesus
    is called as a God? instead of saying messengers of God Who is spreating messages from
    Holy Books to the people of World and accordingly Jesus spread messages of God from
    Holy Books that Revelation Chapter 1:1,3 and 19.
    Kalki Avatar as Follows

    As far as, Hindus are concerned it is revealed as follows:
    Testimonials :
    1. Vedas , Kalki Avatar , the last messenger of God says . It is the last messenger ,
    Muhammad is the case can be resolved .
    2 . According to forecasts of the Hindu scriptures , the incarnation of Kalki will take place
    surrounded by water . It says ‘’ ’’ Arab jasirattul tipakarpamakum is surrounded by the
    Arabian Sea .

    3 . Hindu sacred texts , the father , mother and Kalki Avatar of Vishnu Bhagat said that
    comanip . If Sanskrit Vishnu , God , Allah means . Also , if it means faithful servant .
    Thus, Vishnu Bhagat , ie slave of Allah in Arabic , the word is Abdullah . The Sanskrit word
    quiet peaceful means comanip. The concept of the meaning of the same word in Arabic .
    Thus, the final Messenger Muhammad Abdullah has strengthened the concept of parents .

    4 . Well , Kalki Avatar , olives and live there perittankanikalai, to be honest word Hindu is in
    regular books . Therefore , it is true in the case of Muhammad writes scholar light .

    5 . The Vedas say that the highest values of humanity birth of Kalki Avatar . Again , the
    highest , was born in a respectable family , Quraysh, Muhammad is precisely the case .

    6 . Kalki Avatar , the peon wisdom of God in a cave that was available . Thus , makkavileye,
    Jibreel Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ( peace be upon him, peace be upon him ) was
    the only one illuminated by Hira Cave .

    7 . Well , Kalki Avatar is for God’s help . These routes Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
    avarkalaittavira talk to someone else ? "

    Differences of opinion between Christians,Jewish and Muslims are as follows John 12:50
    are not following by the Christians that Jesus was neither God nor Son of God
    Quran verse 4:157,which is revealed that Jesus was neither died nor Chruchified.Quran
    verses 5:18,which is revealed that Christians and Jewish are not Childrens of God.
    After comming of Jesus very soon,everyone can realise that Quran and Prophet
    Mohammed are true. Due to lapses of on the part of the Islamic leaders and the Goverment ,the Quran verses have not been noticed to the public in the world. Holy Quran is containing of 6666 verses which are dedicated to angles by God. Out of it 87% of verses are related to Histories of Prophets and Wars , Earthquakes, Floods and Famine which affected the people who were residing at the time of Prophets . Muslims in the world are reciting whole Quran verses frequently in all the Muslim countries and countries wherein muslims are residing . they are affecting by wars , Disasters , Tsunami , Earthquakes , Climate changes , loss of business , terrorism and also creating other problems with other communities on the reasons that 6666 Quranic verses are handled by angles in the world in accordance with Quranic Verses 42:51,52 According to Quranic verses 39:17, 18 and 55 , It is revealed that whole quran verses cannot be recited except very important verses can be recited towards social justice and common good for the purpose of peace , unity , health , wealth , faith , inter-faith , climate changes , improving business and stopping off disasters and terrorism and accordingly we have posted messages of God and also our research paper at for the same purpose in accordance with all the international laws as follows: Nowdays, all the governments in the world or collecting huge taxes from tax payers and the same are utilizing for the purpose of peace in the world, but no result. The tax payers are suffering to improve their business and life. The following points may be taken in account to solve all the world challenges and disbute.

    Proposal to the United Nations relating to International Peace and Security to authorize Under Article 96(2) of the Charter of the United Nations.

    Our research report is in conformity with Under Article 1(1) and 7 of the Charter of United Nations and the same maybe authorized by the General Assembly of the United Nations in accordance with U/A 96(2) of the present Charter and U/A 2(2), 5(1),6(2),11(2),13(1), 15(1) (a) ©, 16(2) (a),(b),& 18 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the basis of U/A 33(1), 55©, 70, 71,73(a) of the present Charter and accordingly the research paper ought to have been debated with Vatican, World Churches Council, Commission of Churches on International Affairs, Jewish Foundation, Islamic Supreme Councils , researchers of UN and all the International bodies for the following reasons:
    “Reporting of world peace solutions between Christians,Jews and Muslims in the world
    We are here with attached our research report towards international peace and security for perusal and considerations
    Since we are the independent and voluntary researchers with out dependency of finance either from the government or any other agency, on the reasons that we are following Social Justice and Common Goods – Policy Paper of World Council of Churches and also By-laws of the Commission of the Churches on international affairs. Our researchers mainly follow the principles and rules laid down by the above important policy and rules.
    Under Articles 2.4, 3.6, 3.10&11, 8.1(b) of the By-laws of the Commission of the Churches on international affairs, we have posted our research report in United Nations Global Compact which containing of solving of problems between Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus in the world. In accordance with Articles 3.12 of the above By-Laws, it is a duty of commission of Churches to maintain and provide for the maintenance of contacts with International bodies such as the United Nations and its agencies include regional bodies and other non governmental Organisations, which will assist in the attainment of the aims of the Commission. The matter has being brought it to the notice of the World Churches Council and the Commission of the Churches asked its notice on the matter to the United Nations for your appropriate decisions. ?The World Churches Council Policy Paper on Social Justice and Common Goods is the best policy to the World peace and unity solutions, which has been published on 22 March 2011 and the same is in accordance with Psalm 85. The Church cannot succeed if it, isolates itself, Not only must Christians reach out to Muslims and other faiths in the spirit of ecumenism, but there is a need to embrace other people of different philosophical convictions. This requires ideological tolerance, maturity and self assurance in what one believes in. Such coalition building is made easier by choosing issues that unite organizations and movements and which have less potential causing divisions. At the same time we need an honest and inventive method of dealing with differences. The global movement for economic justice relies considerably on policy analysis and research conducted by hundreds if not thousands of academics researchers and scholars. ?Our consequences of the changing power relations in today’s world is that there is more room in the public sphere for the affirmation of collective values and principles, experience proves that an informed public opinion can be powerful today, and can change governments public and international agendas. Again Churches are challenged to make use of this opportunity. They need to read the signs of time and to make their voices heard by responding to peoples cries for justice and dignity, and by speaking truth to the powers- whoever and wherever their may be. ?Christians do not have ready made answers and solutions to propose. The Bible offers guidelines (love, sharing, justice for the poor) but does not defined one “Christian” economy or “Christian” politics. ?Churches and Church related organizations can initiate public debates and largely use media means to reach a broader constituency, furthermore, regional thematic discussions can be facilitated with the ecumenical family. WCC should develop specific analysis depending on the context. ?What are theological implications for commodification common goods? ?How shall we ensure the participation all people in managing common goods in the world? ?How do we deal with power imbalances in the world? ?How can the ecumenical family engage itself effectively and in a coherent and convincing way in addressing global power imbalance? ?How can WCC lead a climate change campaign with social justice as a focus? ?What kind of collective values can be draw for the Churches to guide them in addressing the problem of commodification of common goods? ?The above questions have been answered in our research materials available at and also of international development solutions and the same are to be discussed by the Churches, public and all its organizations in the interest of public safety, peace, unity, health, wealth, faith, interfaith ?
    Under this circumstances, it is just and necessary that UK, USA, Cambridge, Churches on the International Affairs are requested to accept our research paper and also our research organization as an organization under other faith category to assist the commission to achieve its goal of International Peace and climate changes solutions for the benefit of world community especially Christians, Jewish and Muslims, under the by-law 3.11 of CCIA.
    In view of the aforementioned submissions in the interest of maintenance of International Peace and Security, UN may be pleased to authorize our organization in the name and style of` Research on International Development Solutions `and also our research report in confirmatory with U/A 96 of the present Charter read with U/A 23 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and thus render Justice.

    Now, Palestine Muslims are fighting with Israel , both countries are affected and innocent people are killed frequently which is against the Quranic verses 7:137 & 5:33 that no one can claim Israel Government areas which is a place of Israel People but not Muslim or Christian and they can only Allow worship in the Holy Places of Israel . These facts has not been Discussed for amicable solutions of social justice and common good by United Nations to respect Gods word .

    It is pertinent to note that why the jewish people are affecting the Muslims is mention the Quran 7:167 ? And the same should be taken into consideration by jewish people in the world in the interest of social justice and common good on the light of the research paper posted at our website and render justice. Your Success,

    V.Mohamed Ali
    Research Associate of International development solutions