Individual Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorships rely upon donations from with your community, though these are more common day to day, they can sometimes be difficult to attain. Nevertheless, with proper planning it can be a dynamic branch of your fundraising platform.

Step 1: Know what works, and what doesn’t.

Not every fundraising effort will be a big success. Events such as bake sales and car washes may be reliable for some; however, for others it may be more costly and time-consuming than profitable. That said; get to know your community, your campus’s social cycle, and overall needs in order to plan something creative and unforgettable.

Step 2: Man-Power.

Once you set a plan in motion, make sure that your group is well informed and organized. If the event lasts for the whole day, assign shifts collaboratively and have one of your board members confirm. Try to set up in high-traffic areas during busy times, keep your volunteers enthusiastic and outgoing – it’s hard to raise anything if you don’t dive in with both feet.

Step 3: Be Creative!

Remember to be as unique as possible, while also making it fun for your group. Here are examples of successful fundraisers that we’ve seen work:

  • Late Night Pizza Sales
  • Raffles
  • Movie Showings
  • Dinner Donations
  • Kickball Tournaments
  • Singing Valentines

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