Climate Change Google Hangout on 8/12: A Message to Our Leaders


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Join this Google Hangout at 12:30 pm EST on International Youth Day: August 12, 2014

Young people around the world are key advocates in the fight against climate change. They bring a fresh perspective, creative ideas and firsthand experiences to the climate change conversation. Young activists have unique stories and inspiration to share, and this Google+ Hangout will serve as a platform for them to do that—and for global leaders to hear them—in the lead-up to the Secretary-General’s Climate Summit.

On International Youth Day (Aug. 12, 2014), Climasphere will host “A Message to Our Leaders,” a Google+ Hangout discussion with young people from around the world who have taken a stand on climate change.

The discussion, moderated by Teens Turning Green co-founder Erin Schrode and including Jordan Howard, co-founder of GenYNot; Raquel Rosenberg, founder of Engajamundo; and Ester Agbarakwe, co-founder of the Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition, will discuss how climate change has already affected the world around them, why it is important for young people to be involved, why the younger generation is more concerned and how they can make an impact on policy and impel leaders to hear their voices.

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