Fund the UN in 2016

Fund the UN in 2016

Over the next three weeks, the House and Senate are finalizing the spending bills for 2016, and full funding for the United Nations is still in jeopardy despite the UN’s critical role in stabilizing conflict regions and addressing humanitarian crises around the world.

Any cuts to the UN’s budget would greatly undermine its work and damage our foreign policy and national security interests – let’s make sure every single Member of the House and Senate understand the impact of the UN’s work.

Urge Congress to fully fund the UN and UN Peacekeeping in 2016.

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  • Nayif Salim
    commented 2015-11-22 16:49:09 -0500
    I have shared this a few hours ago in my Facebook account @nayifsalim so that i can help in supporting UNITED NATIONS to get enough funds within the three weeks which are remaining and i believe i have provided the best idea that will help UNITED NATIONS to get 100× more funds than they expected bcz if each and every Telecommunication company in each and every country in this world will support UNITED NATIONS by donating ONE minute in every HOUR as there donation then that means in a day they will donate 24 minutes , just imagine how many people in this world are using mobile phone , laptops and etc So in ONE minute how much funds will it be created if ONE BILLION people in this world are using Telecommunications then multiple it by 24 because in a day we have 24hours then that means UNITED NATIONS will have 24 minutes in a day , So in the three weeks time UNITED NATIONS will have 21days , So 21day × 24 minutes =504 minutes , So for example 1 BILLON people in this world each one will use ONE DOLLAR in Telecommunications then that means in 504 minutes UNITED NATIONS will get FUNDS OF 504 BILLON DOLLARS .
    UNITED NATIONS should follow my idea and they will PROSPER .
  • Amalorpavadass Mariasusai
    commented 2015-11-20 22:47:33 -0500
    UNO is the only hope to the humanity in the world. Stronger the UNO ,safer would be our green planet on the whole.