Numbers count. So should girls.

Why Count Girls?

Approximately one person in twelve around the world is a girl or young woman aged 10–24. Yet many developing countries do not account for the number of girls in their population. Due to an unavailability of systems to count these girls, and sometimes simply due to a lack of political will, girls will be denied birth certificates or other forms of official identification.  This means that as a girl grows up it will be difficult, if not impossible, for her to attend school or get a job in the formal business sector. She will not be able to own her own or inherit land, start her own business, or vote. She will likely be confined to the home and left unpaid – an invisible member of society.

Update: The House of Representatives just voted unanimously to pass the Girls Count Act. The Senate passed the bill at the end of May, which means it now heads to the President’s desk to be signed into law!

Congress passing the Girls Count Act is a huge step toward helping girls (and boys) everywhere reach their full potential. When a child isn’t registered, they are invisible in the eyes of their government and their society. And girls are disproportionately affected.

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  • Aastha Chopra
    signed 2014-11-28 12:24:14 -0500
  • Yew-Ling Chin
    signed 2014-11-27 08:24:44 -0500
  • rucha newalkar
    signed 2014-11-27 01:21:49 -0500
    I sincerely support the girls count act and urge to accomplish it.
  • Purvang Panchal
    signed 2014-11-26 04:25:55 -0500
    yes i will sign and urge my senator to step up against women inequality and empowerment.we all are human beings born to help each other to achieve their own motives hence all human beings whether girl,women or men,boys we all are equal
  • Siobhan Finnerty
    signed 2014-11-25 20:30:45 -0500
    Young girls, along with boys, are the leaders of the future. Everyone should have the same ability to be an active member in society, for every person is able to bring the issues of different minorities to the attention of the world. Women should not be an exception to this. Women and men are both human, and neither is greater than the other. They are of equal importance on the global scale. The ideas and beliefs of both work off of one another, benefitting global society.
  • Brianna Tran
    signed 2014-11-16 22:43:13 -0500
  • Isuri Wijesundara
    signed 2014-11-15 21:57:35 -0500
    Calling someone a “girl” or a “boy” is just a form of identifying an individual as to what category of "human’ they belong to. This does not mean that one is given priority over the other. Every human being born onto this planet has the right to live, and has the right to be considered important.
  • Rediate Bizuneh
    signed 2014-11-14 01:00:37 -0500
  • Lena Grimm
    signed 2014-11-13 18:51:54 -0500
  • Stacey Ferreira
    signed 2014-11-11 14:16:01 -0500
  • Abel Bishop Herbert
    signed 2014-11-06 19:08:25 -0500
    Child Basic and Mother Care Initiative is committed to the girl child education and empowerment
  • francis kabeta
    signed 2014-11-03 09:05:55 -0500
  • Eunice Rean Samonte
    signed 2014-10-26 13:41:51 -0400
    i always believe that all women and girls should be treated equally with love and respect.
  • James Zheng
    signed 2014-10-25 19:15:38 -0400
    They’re people too: Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Elder, Child. And they have Natural Rights of Life, Liberty, and Property- too.
  • Natalie Himmel
    signed 2014-10-24 14:18:32 -0400
  • Winston Tsai
    signed via 2014-10-23 22:29:43 -0400
  • Natalie Douglas
    signed via 2014-10-23 20:30:24 -0400
  • Summer Winkler
    signed 2014-10-21 10:31:17 -0400
  • tabitha banks
    signed 2014-10-18 13:22:29 -0400
  • Maria Rojas
    signed 2014-10-18 11:38:07 -0400
  • Athanasia Ziogas
    signed 2014-10-13 22:05:46 -0400
  • Josefina Marquez
    signed 2014-10-12 04:05:08 -0400
  • Andrea Colmenero
    signed 2014-10-07 01:44:43 -0400
  • Mennah El-Gammal
    signed 2014-10-06 18:24:07 -0400
  • Christina Mathis
    signed 2014-10-05 13:41:39 -0400
  • Manal Malik
    signed 2014-09-30 06:11:03 -0400
  • Caitlin Meisle
    signed 2014-09-29 21:58:07 -0400
    Well that’s astoundingly ridiculous.
  • Samita Tonisha
    signed 2014-09-27 03:06:15 -0400
    As a girl from a developing country I also face many problems.So I find a deep connection with those unlucky girls all over the world.
  • Krista Kovatch
    signed 2014-09-25 12:00:00 -0400
  • Eri Saito
    signed 2014-09-24 13:13:51 -0400
    Go Girls!!