Numbers count. So should girls.

Why Count Girls?

Approximately one person in twelve around the world is a girl or young woman aged 10–24. Yet many developing countries do not account for the number of girls in their population. Due to an unavailability of systems to count these girls, and sometimes simply due to a lack of political will, girls will be denied birth certificates or other forms of official identification.  This means that as a girl grows up it will be difficult, if not impossible, for her to attend school or get a job in the formal business sector. She will not be able to own her own or inherit land, start her own business, or vote. She will likely be confined to the home and left unpaid – an invisible member of society.

Update: The House of Representatives just voted unanimously to pass the Girls Count Act. The Senate passed the bill at the end of May, which means it now heads to the President’s desk to be signed into law!

Congress passing the Girls Count Act is a huge step toward helping girls (and boys) everywhere reach their full potential. When a child isn’t registered, they are invisible in the eyes of their government and their society. And girls are disproportionately affected.

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    My name is Rahila Clara,I live in Philadelphia(US)I was Nursing Home Administrator and Social Worker I spent long time in this field Govt’of Pakistan gave me award for my hard work I was selfsport my husband funded my Organization ,I know how to teach and motivate them people tied with culture and traditions ’ ropes,they dominated by men very hard to survive for women.I hope that you understand the situation,

    thank you very much to hear me.

    Rahila clara
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    women and girls are the key to a better future. Do not forget to ensure the next generations remembers and enforce that
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    I am keen to support the various initiatives of UN
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    Empowering women is not only morally justified, but it is an economic necessity. In a day an age where so many fell left behind, it is up to the women, and men as well, to strengthen our families and truly make this country as prosperous as we can make it in this generation.
  • Zaynab Mohammed
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    Amazing work!!Anything i can help please do let me know.
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    UN should privide the best atmosphere to girl.infact i want this for this you should have to make me a UN AMBESSERATOR…………………….
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