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    If you can find peace and economic ties between the factors that can adequately explain the basis for economic democracy, is higher than the global average, the level of economic development, democracy will become an important factor in advancing the peace of Higher Education. For the poorest of the poorest democracy research and democracy currently 4-5% of the study, indicating that these countries are likely to fight each other instead of 21%. Rising inequality is one of the major problems currently facing the developed economies and the United States is no exception …

    American inventor is a country that since its inception invention spurred the United States, the interests of all mankind grow. Before the problem in this country, we need to influence the international community combined, and progress is so similar, Benjamin Franklin solve visual solutions. Thomas Edison. George Washington. This is not enough to make a passport for the future, we need the United Nations, led by the United States, to effectively meet the current and future challenges of national policy solutions to promote the growth of wages, when you look at most of the global agenda, the United States Europe and the United States faced since World War II, the challenge of climate change the biggest refugee crisis – the United Nations prepare for their future and the center of all our efforts.

    Why is the US government’s efforts to free up spectrum, allow people to connect, and for businesses, entrepreneurs and Defangzhengfu wireless laboratory to test new wireless applications? This effort will help to stimulate innovation in many ways, from a robot – assisted surgery to promote telemedicine remote frontier, communicate with each other, to ensure that our introduction of intelligent manufacturing equipment in the safety of plants, more people to provide more the connection automatic test driving a car. All these innovations to improve the productivity of support, we can put more money in the potential of the American family pocket.

    (Wireless Research) 3G 4G Syria it can not only when it can simultaneously stimulate currently being used by the United Nations in Africa or in the world Lianbangzhengfu 5G universal joint development of each country! Faster wireless broadband deployment!
    More “incentives” government-led, employment influx of refugees into the workplace This road will provide significant additional victory! Because where productivity growth and productivity growth (a key driver), will help to improve the living standards of global significance and wages.

    Port and strong inventory and other policy originally intended to study these Americans of all backgrounds in our increasingly digital economy, participation and innovation, both to promote productivity growth, but also effectively open the message will be connected to the global information superiority. But we have more work ahead of us to ensure that life, real wages, these innovative technologies, peace and economic relationship, if you can find a variety of between, we can fully explain the fundamentals of economic democracy, high above the global average test from the highest level of economic factors in the development of wireless technology, please think about the future of the 21st century advanced technology, we humans need not only to facilitate communication

    In the future, the development of technology in the future, we need in the 21st century our planet must be the planet will no doubt decide a thing of satellite communication links, and now we are trying to feed the next generation ready to lay a solid foundation, but it requires a lot of manpower and resources, when you challenge the global agenda, we are faced with – from climate change to world War II, since the largest refugee crisis – the United Nations in their center and the new living environment, since the United Nations to prepare it to be a vision and influence global institutions, when both into the solution, not the problem today passport wireless research work is very important work! Since the beginning of a new life and war refugees, we will have the responsibility to lead the United Nations to respond effectively to all the challenges of the current and future ready.

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    Take the Pledge to Reduce your Footprint

    Everyone, from world leaders to everyday individuals, can make a difference and help fight climate change. You can adopt some simple behavioral shifts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and curb climate change:

    Live smarter: Reduce waste. Discarded packaging in 2005 in the US alone released 99 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. It would take almost 83 million acres of fir or pine trees more than 1 year to store all that carbon!

    Travel smarter:Walk or bike instead of driving a car. In urban areas, bike paths, footpaths, and public transportation could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-50% by 2050.

    Eat smarter: Don’t trash food. About a third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is trashed – this wasted food has a carbon footprint of about 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year!

    Take the pledge to reduce your footprint and tell your friends!

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