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Jillian Pikora is a 2014 UNA-USA Social Good Summit Blogger Fellow. View her blog here.

I recently forged new opinion of much of the continent of Africa. When most non-Africans think of Africa, we think of Ebola, hunger, tribal culture, and maybe Ankara fabric and unique jewelry. What we should think is educated, motivated, entrepreneurial people.

Here are some amazing Africans I met at the Social Good Summit:

Mercy-141x141.jpgMercy Chepkoech, Sigey
Youth Inventor Global Minimum

“Mercy is a freshman at Strathmore University. She is passionate about wildlife and enjoys working with electronics. In high school, she started making a motion sensor along with two other classmates as they saw the need to fight against poaching in Kenya. Her team’s current prototype consists of a PIR module and an Arduino microcontroller which senses movement with a range of nine meters and sends the information to a computer through a cable. Learn more about Mercy and other youth inventors at ." Mashable SGS Bio

Olanike_120x120.jpgOlanike Olugboji, Nigeria

World Pulse LIVE

“She has witnessed the environmental exploitation of her beloved homeland and mobilizes grassroots women to take charge as they have been most impacted. She believes that the only way to ensure the environmental security of Nigeria is to make sure that women have equal voice in these decisions.”  Mashable SGS Bio

gerald.jpgGerald Kobobo Afadani, Cameroon
Public Management, Howard University

“Gerald has over five years of experience working with presiding magistrates and liaising with litigants and counsels in the administration of justice at the Court of First Instance Tikoas. He is a Member Delegate to the Joint Court Registry Administrative Board and Permanent Disciplinary Council where he participates in the career evaluation and management of over 2,000 colleagues. He also serves as the Chief of the Trade and Personal Property Rights Register where he is responsible for the study, verification, and registration of companies. Gerald holds a master’s degree in Business Law, and a law degree in English Private Law, both from the University of Yaoundé II in Soa. Upon completion of the Washington Fellowship program, he plans to extend the use of electronic templates in the incorporation of businesses to the Courts of First Instance. He also plans to advocate for and pilot the use of an integrated court management and business incorporation model.” Young African Leaders Bio

These amazing people not only inspire us, but help change the way outsiders view Africa. You can make people view your country differently too, where ever you live!

What can you do to change the face of your nation?

  1. Raise your voice! Use media (traditional and social) to share what your think. This can be about current events, the environment, technology, anything you want to voice your opinion on.
  2. Be visible, volunteering in your community & attending local and national events, so people see you and the wonderful thing you are doing!
  3. Educate yourself not only attend school, but read, watch lectures, and listen to the wisdom of those around you
  4. Share your knowledge with in your community and media to tell the world.
  5. Repeat these actions, because learning and sharing are not stagnate just like life is not; we are always changing and the world continues turning. Be apart of the present, honor the past, and plan for the future to make your goals a reality, because we want #2030NOW.

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  • saliya jarra
    commented 2014-10-02 08:05:07 -0400
    yeah this is so perfect my personal view, the important of this,cannot be over should be taxt of every given state to empower young education especially women’s.In most state,what is happening is causing much education monumentally is given young people’s cut flowers,when they should be teaching how to grow their own plant and also given less advantage to empower women’s in education).We have to understand that,they too have the capacity,capabilities,and the sense development and moving forward as a nation.The understanding must be that,our progress as a nation,can’t be more swifter than our progress in education.The human mind should be foundermental resources of any given state,because with education,there is fully assurance and expectations of progress.younger education,should be the target because future is their hand.