Celebrating Earth Day and the COP21 Agreement in April


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By Kelsey Cooper, GenUN Fellow, Indiana University

On April 22nd, people from all over the world will come together to celebrate Earth Day. Colleges across the United States are already improving their campuses by starting recycling initiatives, clean energy campaigns, and hosting important discussions with their community about a greener future. This year, your UNA-USA campus chapter can make a difference too!

Following the COP21 discussions last December in Paris, it is important for everyone to take an active role in promoting and implementing clean alternatives to resources we use our everyday lives. Together we can make a greener and more livable world for ourselves and generations to come. Take a look at the COP21 outcome to advocate implementing ideas on your campus and across the world.

Below, find Earth Day ideas and social media banners to post on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts (because why print flyers when you can promote virtually?!). Also, be sure to check out Earth Day ideas from the GenUN toolkit here.

Some ideas to get your campus talking about Earth Day this April 22nd include:

  1. Check out the Earth Day Network’s events and resources
  2. Spread these images your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to raise awareness about Earth Day, COP21, and Sustainable Energy
  3. Host a panel talk about COP21 and what it means for the future  
  4. Volunteer with a local nonprofit that works on sustainability or environmental conservation in your community
  5. Organize a team to plant trees in your community or on campus


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