Building Your Membership

Best Practices for Building Membership:

1. Be Organized and Diligent

The first step towards building your chapter starts well before you engage your peers!

a. Establish a committee to establish membership goals and strategies.
b. Discuss potential membership challenges and use “group-think” to find solutions!
c. Work with the UNA-USA national office – the staff is here to make sure your experience is a success.

2. Be Proactive

Always remember to prepare for success!

a. Membership applications are always available online, so have a laptop or tablet ready for any event you host!
b. Publicize your events and programs, utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to spread the word before and after your event.
c. Most important! Remember that people do not join unless you ask them to! So always remember to follow up whenever possible.

3. Make New Members Feel Welcome

Now that you have them, keep them!

a. Reach out to new recruits as soon as they join!
b. Invite new members to an event or host a party to celebrate new members.
c. Have a new member spotlight in your newsletter or on your Facebook page, make sure that your existing members have a face to put with the new name!

4. Engage All Existing Members in Recruitment

Everything you need is already at your fingertips!

a. Network through your existing members.
b. Encourage your members to find prospective members in other organizations.
c. Have current members invite prospective members and/or their organizations to UNA-USA events!

5. Learn from your experiences. Regularly evaluate your groups’ practices and level of success.

6.Transition leadership positions to allow for leadership growth of your members.

Helpful Hints for Promoting Growth

Characteristics of our members:

  1. Ethical – Many members get involved because they see UNA-USA as an opportunity to serve their ethical and civic responsibilities.  Show them that working with UNA-USA is an effective way to make a positive difference in the world!
  2. Social – Members often join in order to meet others with similar values and interests, make new friends, and have fun. Others may join to network or work on issues that they’re passionate about. To make your group more appealing to potential members be sure to plan several activities that provide opportunities for members to interact and get to know each other.
  3. Intellectual– Many members join UNA-USA in an effort to learn more about the United Nations so they can educate others about the work of the UN, and in some cases, correct misinformation about the UN’s work. Encourage this enthusiasm and these passions, and work with potential members to show that joining Campus Advocates will broaden horizons and increase global understanding.
  4. Open-Minded– GenUN is a program that encourages new and creative ideas. As the new generation of global leaders, UNA-USA Campus Chapters are encouraged to find innovative ways to engage their campuses and communities.
  5. Professional– GenUN leaders develop new skills, network, and build leadership skills. Embrace this learning experience that will help prepare you for your future career. The GenUN leadership experience can be invaluable and it challenges members to take on important tasks and learn how to better develop relationships.

Why focus on building a group that works as a team?

  1. More Local Resources: Increasing your membership allows your chapter to access a larger pool of talent, ideas, and resources. More members means more hands ready and willing to staff events, raise funds, and engage your campus directly
  2. More Americans Understand and Appreciate the UN: As your chapter grows, you’ll have increased capacity to help others understand the UN’s day-to-day role in building a better world.
  3. More Power to Advocate Effectively: The voice of many is stronger than the voice of few. Having more members means your chapter’s voice is more likely to be heard when engaging with elected officials, partnering organizations, and other members of your community. It is easier to mobilize UNA-USA members than unaffiliated supporters when critics make misinformed political attacks against the UN. More members means more respect for your organization, and your team’s efforts will help make this a reality.
  4. More Attention for Your Goals and Partnerships: As you strengthen your team and membership, other organizations and local media outlets will pay more attention. Soon, you’ll be able to form coalitions with other organizations to help accomplish your education and advocacy goals.

So, Why Join Our Team?

  • Help build support for the United Nations among elected officials and your community.
  • Be part of a community of like-minded individuals across the nation.
  • Develop yourself as a global citizen and leader.
  • Gain vital experience as a young professional.