Advancing Advocacy Through Op-Ed Writing

By: Isabel Treidl, UNA-USA Youth Engagement Committee 


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Seton Hall University and the United Nations Association have collaborated on a webinar series to enhance young professionals' skills and empower their careers. The webinar series launched March 2017 with the first topic: Advancing Advocacy Through Op-Ed writing.
During the webinar, Dr. Martin Edward was informative and inspiring; he presented great examples of successful, charismatic, and effective story tellers. Dr. Edward’s advice recognizes the key role of students and young professionals and the challenges they face. Many of us face barriers linked to our age, and the lack of credibility undermines our prospects; however, Dr.  Edward highlighted the importance of finding creative ways to advocate and share one's message. To practice this skill, young people must be fearless, passionate and innovative.
During the webinar, Seton Hall also encouraged participates to check out the UN Sustainable Development Challenge. The University is sponsoring two challenge programs: one for high school students; and a second grad challenge for college seniors and recent bachelor's degree graduates. Through this initiative, they have created a space to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and find new and fresh ideas to address the 17 goals. This competition, and writing op-eds, are two great ways to engage young people and bring all of their passion into actions.

To view the webinar, click here.

To view supplemental materials from the webinar, click here.

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