The United Nations Has Its Next Secretary-General


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António Guterres began his term as United Nations Secretary-General on January 1, 2017.

Read his vision statement:



Read: The UN Foundation Board welcomes Antonio Guterres as Next SG

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  • Bizan Rangbar
    commented 2017-02-07 03:46:51 -0500
  • kangombe linda
    commented 2017-02-07 01:58:00 -0500
    The human society still waitting for our actions to stop violences and crimes and bring the new hope for the next generations.
  • Nayif Salim
    commented 2017-01-12 11:47:55 -0500
    Peace & Justice is the only movement that we honour
  • Dr.Thaseem Haniffa
    commented 2017-01-12 03:21:08 -0500
    UN,Should be keep Peaceful world
    UN,Should be taken the action against the racism
    UN,Should be taken the immediate action for the terrorist
    UN, is very greatest Organization
  • Eddy de Novo
    commented 2016-11-05 12:52:33 -0400
    What a great vision statement. May excellence truly be the assurance of your highest consideration. I salute you. #antonioguterres
  • Hayder F Hussein
    commented 2016-10-22 14:36:17 -0400
    We wish him success in his mission. That everyone works on that peace prevails between the peoples and the eradication of poverty and hunger
  • Nayif Salim
    commented 2016-10-21 17:12:55 -0400
    To honour you is my duty & am proud & confident to be stepping this planet Earth knowing that you Antonio Gutteres in our new United Nations Secretary General thats why my mouth was opened by the forces within me that made me produced the highest voice in reading your vision statements , I am in Kenya in a small town called Mariakani in Kilifi County & am the owner of Mariakani slaughter house in Mwavumbo location in Kwale county in Kenya .
    Sir your the number 1 deplomat of all diplomat & you deserve to hold such position because i believe 100% i see United Nation Secretary General Kofi Annan & United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in you because you will deliver the very best leadership in this world just like #1 i have mentioned above & last but not list i wish to join you so that i can see you with my two necked eyes swearing in taking the office UNSG on 1st of January 2017 , I was born by a leader who did not have any discrimination legislation of all kinds & i accepted to keep a promise that he asked me if i can keep it & the promise is TO DELIVER PEACE & JUSTICE .
    I ACCEPTED TO BE BELIEVE & TO HAVE HOPE & we have no differences between we humans since we all have the same colour of our blood . Thanks for being you the NUMBER 1 .

    Yours sincerely,
    Nayif Awadh Salim .
    Mobile 254722470039/254733397472 . .
  • Bizan Rangbar
    commented 2016-10-06 18:27:40 -0400
    Secure global idea. I have idea for stop terrorist and too smart weapons . I need support award urgent please 00989128215526
  • Patrick Walsh
    published this page in Updates 2016-10-06 13:30:45 -0400