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    Meet the 2018-2019 UNA-USA Campus Fellows!

    Meet the 2018-2019 UNA-USA Campus Fellows! The UNA-USA Campus Fellowship program provides UNA-USA students with the opportunity to act on global issues while developing their skills as UNA-USA leaders. As the field organizers of UNA’s campus chapter network, Fellows play a key role in expanding UNA-USA’s reach across the nation. 


    Pearl Joslyn

    Northeast Region -

    Pearl Joslyn is the GenUN Fellow for the Northeast region. She is a senior Global Studies and History Major with a Spanish Certificate at Temple University. Pearl was born and raised in Brooklyn, and permanently relocated to Philadelphia in 2016. Pearl is the President of the Temple University chapter of GenUN, and the former Communications Chair. Pearl is the former Vice President of Temple University's chapter of Indivisible, a national political and civic engagement movement. In March of 2018, Pearl attended the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women at the UN as a UNA-USA Delegate. Pearl is currently interning on a Pennsylvania State Representative campaign in Philadelphia. She will spend the summer conducting research on the impact of the Organization of American States on addressing Cold War-era armed conflict in Central America. In her free time, Pearl enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, watching historical documentaries, and re-watching episodes of The West Wing. 

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    Twitter: @pearljoslyn


    Hamza Haider

    Western Region -

    Hamza Haider is the GenUN Fellow for the Western region. He will be a senior at UCLA for the 2018-19 academic year. Born and raised in Pakistan, he came to the US as an international student to study Economics and Psychology at UCLA. He will be president of the UNA at UCLA and an executive board member for the Pakistani Students Association at UCLA. He spends his summers in Pakistan either interning or working with various NGO’s and plan on continuing it after graduation. He is an avid soccer fan and is up at 8am on the weekends to watch Manchester United play!

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    Gillian Daley

    Southern Region -

    Gillian Elizabeth Daley is the GenUN Fellow representing the Southern region. She is a sophomore at Florida International University, studying political science and international relations and is pursuing certificates in German studies, public policy and national security. Gillian Elizabeth is an ardent believer in the equality of all people and in the has served as a Princeton University race relations scholar, speaking about her work to end race based discrimination. Recently, she is serving as the president of the National Organization for Women and GenUN, as well as the Vice President of Planned Parenthood at her campus. She hopes to go onto serve the interests of the United States and the goal of international prosperity by working with the U.N.

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    Instagram: @gdaley98


    Ali Kleiche

    Midwest Region -

    Ali Kleiche is the GenUN Fellow for the Midwest region. Originally from Morocco, he is a recent graduate from Harold Washington College, where he majored in political science and international relations. Prior to joining the Council, Ali, who is passionate about community service, led the United Nations college chapter at Harold Washington and worked with the NAACP. Through his position as president of the UNA college chapter, he hosted many instructive events focusing on the UN global goals and aimed to help inner city students get an international perspective on social issues as well as exchanging ideas with some of the top diplomats working in Chicago. He is interested in economic equality and social justice across the world, and hopes to pursue a career in diplomacy or Foreign Service after continuing his studies. While in the Windy City, Ali enjoys connecting with various progressive youth groups to bring change and find what binds diverse communities together. Moreover he enjoys boxing, reading, and international travel. Ali is fluent in both Arabic and French and has tutored both these languages in his previous college.

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    Chapter Spotlight: UNA-USA Rhodes

    By: Elisa Cifiello, Youth Engagement Intern

    The following is an interview with Grace Lemons, Rhodes GenUN President. 

    Elisa Cifiello: How did UNA-USA Rhodes start and how have you grown over the years?

    Rhodes GenUN was officially established at Rhodes College by freshman Seabelo Chabo John '19 on April 19, 2016. Our campus chapter started with eleven members and has since grown to 24 active members to date. 


    EC: What events did you hold this past year?

    Rhodes GenUN held numerous events to promote our organization along with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. From hosting a screening of the UN film "Girl Rising," to inviting Development Associate for UNA-USA Rajita Sanji to speak to members of the Rhodes campus community in celebration of UN Day in October 2017, Rhodes GenUN has demonstrated our interest and involvement in global issues and the United Nations. We held a Global Health Forum on campus to engage the Rhodes community and Memphis community leaders in global health issues affecting our region. The most exciting and influential event we were privileged to be a part of this past year was the UNA-USA Global Engagement Summit in New York City. There, our members were able to hear from powerful speakers around the world and brainstorm ways in which our chapter and the youth of this world in general can enact global change to better our communities. To finish up our semester, we held Advocacy Training with the UNA-USA Youth Engagement Manager, Anna Mahalak, to promote leadership and motivate members of our campus to fight for the needs of our community. We also organized a School Supplies drive for the Memphis Refugee Empowerment Program and will present them with the donations we raised at the beginning of the school year this Fall as our kick start event. 


    EC: What events did you hold this past year?

    This past year has been a pivotal period of growth for our chapter. Former President Jenna Gilley worked tirelessly to ensure that our chapter organized numerous events that would benefit our Rhodes community as well as the greater Memphis community. She gave our chapter a presence on campus and provided us with a solid foundation for growing and creating more opportunities for largely impacting our community. Thus, our greatest accomplishment as a chapter was not one specific event but rather the progress we have made overall. 


    EC: What makes your chapter most unique?

    Though our chapter is small and new, it carries great potential. We have made significant strides this past year and continue to generate fresh, inspiring ideas for the future. Since our organization has only been active for two years, we have booming innovation and intense motivation for the future of our chapter. The small number of members allows for more individuals' voices to be hear and more direct action to be taken during meetings and with organizing events. In these ways, our chapter is unique and brings unique and diverse perspectives to the table. 


    EC: How do you feel Rhodes GenUN has made an impact?

    Rhodes GenUN is a fairly new chapter of the UNA-USA global organization. However, the impact our chapter has made eon the Rhodes and Memphis communities in the past two years has been quite significant for a chapter of our size. Our biggest impact thus far has been in aiding the Refugee Empowerment Program in Memphis. Our members volunteer there weekly, and some even daily, to tutor refugee children, helping them with their school homework and also their English-speaking abilities. At the end of the year, we organized a School Supplies Drive for these children and received an entire car trunk full of supplies and electronics to help further these children's education. Our chapter continues to support this organization and constantly comes up with new ideas on how to better meet their needs. 


    EC: What are your goals for Rhodes GenUN for next year and the coming years?

    Given the strong foundation that past leaders have created for Rhodes GenUN, I plan on taking our chapter to the next level in terms of both campus and community involvement. It is my dream that Rhodes GEnUN becomes a strong, leading presence on our campus and involves various organizations and individuals to promote the goals of our chapter. Rhodes College already has a strong collective interest in global issues. I want to make Rhodes GenUN the leader in discussion of and involvement in these issues. It is a constant complaint that I hear on campus that there is not one organization that really involves students with community service or global issues as much as some students would desire. I believe that our chapter maintains the right people to lead our campus in service and promotion of global engagement. 




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