6 Ways to Take Action on the Global Goals


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By Nicol Perez

The launch of the new global goals has not only garnered over 956 million social media impressions, but it has also made its way into people’s conversations with friends, families, communities, and leaders. Celebrities, government officials, and global leaders in both the private and public sector stood on stage at the Social Good Summit and presented the 17 new Global Goals that resonated with everyone that was there in person, and those that tuned in from around the world. Now that the summit is over, we are left asking ourselves – what now? 

Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today.” Now that we have gained awareness of the goals and what they have the power to accomplish in the next 15 years, it’s time to hit the ground running! The success of these goals depends on every single one of us. Seventeen goals might seem daunting, and even impossible, but think of the impact we would have if every person focused on 1 goal for the next 15 years! So, to help get you started, here are 6 concrete actions you can take towards advancing the Global Goals.


1. Join a UNA - USA Chapter! The United Nations Association for the USA is a membership organization that is dedicated to inform, inspire, and mobilize Americans to support the work of the UN. You can become a member for $25 a year and gain access to educational events, meetings with elected leaders, conference calls with UN Experts, and engage with campaigns of the UN foundation. There are over 120 chapters, including chapters in colleges and high schools. Find a chapter near you by clicking here. 

2. If you are in between the ages of 21-40 you can join the UNA Young Professionals Program! UNA-USA offers young professionals an opportunity to do hands on work with likeminded individuals in support of the UN. You will get a chance to network with young people that work for the UN, organizations that partner with the UN, or people that work in the private sector but also are involved in the UN's work. The young professionals program also gives you the opportunity to attend events at the UN headquarters if you're in NYC. Being involved with the UNA-USA Young Professionals program has opened up so many doors for me personally. Being a part of the program has inspired me to continue to advocate for the important work that the UN does around the world and has opened many doors for me to collaborate with young people. If you are in the NYC area you can contact the board chair at: melinda@unasouthernny.org. Click here for more info.

3. Get educated! There are many ways to learn more about issues that are going on around the world. Here are a few resources/ tools you can use to learn more! 

Visit globalgoals.org to learn about each goal! You can click on each goal and it will take you to a page that has more insights on the targets for each goals. You can also share pictures and post them on your social media to show support for the goals that matter most to you! 

Take a +Acumen course! These are free courses built to equip emerging change leaders with the tools to change the way the world tackles poverty and build a world based on dignity. Courses fall under 3 buckets: moral imaginations, operational skills, and financial skills. You can sign up for classes and get all of the materials. You then find a group of people and meet with them every week to discuss the materials. You can find groups on meetup.com or email the contact person for the course and they'll help set you up!

Take action on the Global Citizen site! Global Citizen is a movement for people like you.  Commit to taking a few actions a week and learning about different issues. You can pick an issue that matters most to you and use social media to communicate with global leaders and government officials to let them know you care and hold them accountable to taking actions. The best part is that the Global Citizen site educates you and guides you through the actions. It makes it easy for you to get involved and make an impact. 

4. Register as a volunteer for any organization that is helping advance the global goals in one way or another. Here are a few organizations you can get involved with. Click each image to see what you can do with these organizations.

 5. If you are a college student, join your GenUN chapter or a Nourish International Chapter! GenUN is a vehicle for young people to get involved in the work of the UN. You can take action by educating others in your campus and becoming ambassadors for the United Nations. Nourish International is a network of colleges around the country that work towards eradicating poverty in a tangible way. Students raise money throughout the year and then travel abroad to invest that money in sustainable development projects alongside trusted community organizations. Learn more about each of these opportunities by clicking the images. 

6.Spread the word! Post on your social media sites, host events at school and speak in organizations you're involved with. If you're in the workforce, ask the corporate responsibility team about what your company is doing to support the global goals. You might just get involved in a cool side project at work. Click here to learn about other way you can #telleveryone. 

The most important thing to remember is that every action counts. The sum of many small actions can make a huge impact on the world. We are all in this together. 

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