6 Unreal Celeb Moments at Social Good Summit 2015


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By Meaghan Webster 

I’m still not 100% sure that this weekend was real life. Breathing the same air as UN officials and the stars of Orange is the New Black and Mad Max: Fury Road? But it happened.

The Social Good Summit is a 2 day event where international leaders and activists discuss how to use technology to make the world a better place. Read my last post about why I was there, or scroll on for some moments at the Summit that I’ll never forget.


When Kweku Mandela calmed Charlize Theron’s fear that she’s too old to be a millennial by helping her take a selfie — while encouraging us to be the generation that defeats HIV/AIDS.


When Charlize Theron told us how she really feels about this super plausible method of preventing HIV/AIDS.


When Lara Logan sparked a round of applause for reminding us that refugees and migrants have a lot to contribute to the societies they join.


When Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace — the organization that dangled people from a bridge to block Shell’s Arctic oil rig this summer — shared this moment with us and the auditorium erupted in cheers.


When Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans addressed the elephant in the room: that the UN’s new Global Goals to end extreme poverty by 2030 sound almost impossibly ambitious — by noting how many people have been brought out of poverty in recent decades already.


Evans emphasized that in order to realize the 17 lofty new Global Goals, we must engage more of the mass population to support them. He cited the Beyonce concert he organized in Central Park this weekend (that attracted unlikely audiences to learn about the Goals) as an example.


When film writer-director and activist Richard Curtis pleaded with us to give the Global Goals the same notoriety attributed to Kim K’s derriere. Because world peace should be on the same level as famous butts.

Richard Curtis and Hugh Evans are right. In order to achieve gender equality, end poverty, provide adequate healthcare, make energy clean and affordable, and more by 2030, we need more than the UN and its fans to know about the goals.

You don’t have to be obsessed with this stuff like me to join Queen Bey, Charlize, Victoria Beckham, and so many others to take part. You could poke around the Goals’ website for a minute. Or for longer, and who knows — maybe be inspired about how your country/office/school/self can chip away at making them a reality.

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