4 Ways to Support UN Peacekeepers this Month


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By Kelsey Cooper, GenUN Fellow at Indiana University

Did you know that today nearly 2.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance? With the help of 120,000 U.N. Peacekeepers from around the world, the United Nations is making great progress in creating peaceful solutions to today’s conflicts. In November, GenUN encourages you to raise awareness for the amazing work peacekeepers do every day to protect the lives of millions. To learn more about the United Nations Peacekeepers, click here.

So, what can your campus chapter do to promote Peacekeepers? Here are some fun ideas to get your university talking about U.N. Peacekeeping.

Turn your campus blue

Create a Facebook Event for everyone on campus to wear blue on a specified day in November, chalk the campus sidewalks blue with facts about U.N. Peacekeepers, and have a meeting place for people to come and sign a virtual thank you card. Create a challenge within your GenUN group to see who can collect the most thank you notes. Want to take it a step further? At the conclusion of your event, write a letter to congress asking them to support UN Peacekeepers.

Create a photo booth

Every millennial knows that social media plays an important role in today’s society. Send out an event invite and set-up a photo booth on campus for people to come and learn more about U.N. Peacekeepers and have their photo taken with a blue backdrop. To make it more fun, create a blue Peacekeeper helmet for students to wear in the photos or add a banner to the bottom of the photo that says “Thank You U.N. Peacekeepers!” Want to make it more impactful, create a printout that students can fill-in and hold in their pictures that says “Thank you U.N. Peacekeepers for _________________.”

Don’t forget to have people sign thank you cards.

Host a movie night

Show the film Sergio followed by a discussion about the film and the work of U.N. Peacekeepers. Create a table in the back of the filming room for students to sign thank you cards and take pamphlets about more information related to peacekeeping. Make sure to advertise your event online and around campus. Make it more fun by offering popcorn and juice, or have students bring their own snacks!

Blue Buttons


Make blue “Thank You U.N. Peacekeepers” buttons for students to wear or put on their backpacks. Set up a booth on campus and handout the buttons and flyers with information about current missions, facts and numbers, and resources to learn more. Make sure to know your facts before the event, as many students might have questions. 


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