Michel Tia

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    In fact these parents died long ago have died since .They 1991.En did was to clarify that I alone am alive with my fiancee and my son .I beat me so to meet their needs .ma fiancĂ©e, she works in a health center as -soignante help afain to help me pay for the house, living and schooling for our son. .I Had to work in the plantations of cocoa and coffee, banana and others to get the bachelor of education degree from the second series C (math-physics) and since this degree, as I don ‘had no support, I started doing online courses with large schools and universities to earn degrees that will help me in the future to do the volunteering with international organizations and weigh my resume while continuing my studies to to work in the United Nations one day if I happened to have a 5 years of service before going to retraite.Ici Ivory Coast, if you do not have parents or government officials or in a private or public company, we can not get jobs (activities) for exercer.Comme I’m alone the same father and the same mother, and I became a Christian, the other children of my father who does have the same mother as me and they are Muslims, they have abandoned me because of religion while Muslims and Christians are brothers and sisters from the living God (Allah) .all Muslims are my brothers and sisters croyants.Je do not see them as they voient.Leur second reason is that they have to me that they believe me and they do not have the same mother and they jalousent.Donc me I confess I’m the only person in the family who had a graduate level because God who created us like injustice and jalousie.Comme they are all older than me, they pulled my share of inheritance our father left us before mourir.Je is counting on your kindness, happiness, love, humanism in the sense of guiding me to achieve my goals to get those bachelor in economics, master in economics and work in the United Nations.

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