2015 UN Highlights


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2015 was a year of triumphal moments and haunting images: A little boy, washed up on the shore symbolising the plight of 60 million refugees; people in Paris, Beirut and Nairobi running from terror attacks and countries ruined in relentless battles. The "UN Year in Review 2015" remembers once more the daunting challenges the United Nations faced in its 70th anniversary year - but also gives a glimpse of what can be achieved, when all work together: The potential of constructive dialogue in the Iran Nuclear Deal - the global collaborative effort to curb Ebola - and the unity of all Member States to invest in the future of our planet by unanimously adopting the Sustainable Development Agenda to end extreme poverty and the historic Paris Agreement, to join hands in climate action and prevent further global temperature rise. Click play to see the 2015 global highlights. 


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  • commented 2016-02-18 10:39:33 -0500
    2015 was ayear of joy and sadness. Sadness took the largest share due to political conflicts due to many misunderstandings. Barack Obama one of the most influential president had done a lot to resolve conflicts related to rebel war and nuclear projects but the one main thing is that why did all that occured, why do those people kill their own brothers and sisters. we are all born for a reason and thats what we had to see. Refugees from many warzone countries have to be dependant on other countries, their home which was been built by hardwork and sweat was left abandond by just some rebellian and governemental misunderstandings. so let us all resolve together those conflicts especially terrorism and end the crisis which may affect the innocents.