2015: A Year for Global Action


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Jillian Pikora is a UNA-USA Blogger Fellow. This post originally appeared on her blog.


Curious about the trending Twitter and Instagram topic “#action2015?” Here is the who, what, when, where, why, and how.


You! Everyone, especially youth. By the deadline of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030, today's 15 year-olds will be 30 and leading our world.

What is it?

A call to action. The voices of 1/1000 of all people in the world participated in the MyWorld2015 survey (your’s truly included)- that's over 7 million. Continuing to engage improves the work of the UN and its partners, and ensuring no individual or country is left behind. Action2015 uses our contributions to help set new goals for the UN and the world.


January 15, 2015, is the official launch of #Action2015. Throughout the year, there will be numerous was to engage and support Action2015.


You can get involved-

1. Online: Share information facts, and your opinions; you can volunteer, attend a rally, attend a Google Hangout, participate in surveys, watch videos, read stories, and share your story.

2. In-person: Attend your country’s rally, a UNA chapter meeting/event, or hold your own.

Organizations & Governments


In the lead-up to these summits, talking to our representatives is essential to making sure our needs are met.

On the UNA-USA call explaining the agenda of Action 2015, Robert Skinner told the listeners that the main purpose of involving everyday citizens helps not only continue to improve the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals, but also continues to add to the potential Sustainable Development Goals. This is 3 fold:

1. Create a minimum standard of living for all humanity. The areas we may look to improve could include healthcare, hunger, poverty, electricity, roads, transportation, education, internet access- all while considering environmental sustainability.

2. Reconsider how we build society, including infrastructure, city building, and updating rural areas. This might include building roads, building clinics and schools, setting-up public toilets, making water clean and accessible, setting-up/improving electricity and internet access. Again, all of this needs to be done while considering climate action and the environments of each region.

3. Change how we hold groups accountable. The UN, governments, businesses, and public/private sector organizations all need to be held accountable to get the work done, protect the environment safely, and be held responsible when things go awry.

Learn more about the why of Action 2015 on their website: http://www.action2015.org/why-we-are-doing-this/


Here are some tips from Action2015.org on getting involved:

  1. Host a digital activity on January 15 on a social channel. It can be a Google+ Hangout, Facebook Question and Answer segment, and more. Help us spread the world about how to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Visit the action/2015 website and share our social media content!
  2. Join the conversation Use the hashtag #action2015.
  3. Holding an event in your community? Send us your digital assets, photos and more. Spread the word about what your community is doing to make a difference!”

Here are 4 of the awesome Google + Hangouts I attended today- you can watch, re-watch, like, comment, and share anytime!


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